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  1. Wtb
  2. WTB Noire or Hathar or any other nude
  3. WTB Sapphire (or Elena the Beautiful or any other version)
  4. WTB Any Enchanted doll!!
  5. Would love to buy Default Camelia
  6. Looking to buy or trade for ED nude!
  7. WTB Nude ED ~ will pay a good price!
  8. Who has bought a doll this way?
  9. Want To Buy Kia
  10. Eternal optimist seeking Mihret or Izel
  11. Want "Learning to be a doll artist" book
  12. Wtb: Ed
  13. WTB: silver shoes!
  14. Would some one make a copy of learmning to be a doll artist and sell it to me?
  15. Beautiful Aisha
  16. Learnin to be a doll artist
  17. WTB Cinderella ED
  18. WTB an enchanted doll
  19. Want to buy ED: RUBY or the Other ED Nude Doll
  20. WTB: One ED: Izel, Venetian, Fire Bird, Ebe, Minret...
  21. Want to Buy Firebird or Edie
  22. WTB: Firebird
  23. WTB: an ED-sister for Iđunn (Banshee, Sapphire)
  24. WTB: Sapphire or Ruby
  25. Wanted: ED Crown or Headpiece
  26. WTB any ED...please help
  27. WTB: A happy beginning...
  28. WTB: Any ED please <3
  29. WTB Any Enchanted Doll
  30. WTB: Enchanted Doll, Emerald or Sapphire or other dolls
  31. WTB: Enchanted Doll – nude for HIGH PRICE!!!
  32. WTB ANY Nude Enchanted Doll
  33. WTB: a wish, a fantasy, a day dreaming message about owing a ED
  34. WTB: Learning to be a Doll Artist by Martha Armstrong
  35. WTB: or want to comission Geisha/ Katsura wig
  36. WTB: low rise white or lace underwear/panties
  37. WTB: ED doll stand
  38. WTC: ED bloomers and cinderella skirt
  39. WTB: ED stand
  40. WTB: Lovely nude ED :)
  41. WTB: ED male
  42. WTB Enchanted Doll Book.
  43. ED Cinderella
  44. WTB Firebird
  45. WTB: Enchanted Doll Book - (either edition!)
  46. WTB Enchanted Doll Book either edition
  47. looking for the book
  48. Little Red Riding Hood :)
  49. WTB: ED style mohair wigs
  50. ED Book found, thanks
  51. Desperately seeking sapphire!!!
  52. WTB Resin ED
  53. wtb shoes
  54. Looking for a Male ED!
  55. Helmets and shoes!!!
  56. Commission for doll dresses
  57. Looking for a porcelain Enchanted Doll
  58. Wanting to buy Enchanted doll shoes or crown
  59. Want to commission - Greek dress and/or Chinese qipao
  60. Hot Pink Enamel Marie Antoinette Shoes!
  61. Porcelain ED wanted
  62. WTB Hopscotch enamebeled shoes
  63. ED Sapphire
  64. Face Pendant with Headdress - from Trifecta show
  65. WTB: Porcelain EnchantedDoll ( any)
  66. Saran wig
  67. WTB: unpainted resin enchanted doll asian sculpt
  68. WTB Upainted resin ED ANY
  69. Saran wig
  70. Want To Buy FIREBIRD!
  71. WTB Pls one dollstand
  72. Want to buy sterling corset and bra
  73. WTB: Almost any Porcelain Enchanted doll- will pay asking price
  74. Wig
  75. WTB: Amalgamation or other ED with body adornments
  76. How much is a snow crown directly from marina?
  77. WT blue eyes for a resin doll
  78. Shoes for RED
  79. Wanted Marie Antonette Shoes- Lilithskyblu
  80. WTB: unpainted resin enchanted doll asian sculpt
  81. WTB: blank asian RED
  82. Unpainted any ED
  83. **RULE UPDATE** Pls read
  84. WTB: Resin ED ( any)
  85. WTB: Enchanted Doll Blue Tin Box
  86. Anything!!!!!!
  87. WTB: Metal Bra / Breast Cups by Marina Bychkova
  88. Shoes ???
  89. WTB porcelain ED
  90. Want to buy
  91. WTB Porcelain Enchanted doll
  92. Wigs, clothes, shoes
  93. WTB: Elegance, Marie Antoinette shoes
  94. WTB porcelain ED
  95. I want to buy the Enchanted doll
  96. WTB porcelain ed lily,echo,for $30,000 or more
  97. WTB - Enchanted doll casual clothes.
  98. Want to buy Extravagance Stilettos!!
  99. WTB RED - feeler
  100. WTB Tin box!
  101. WTB Tin box
  102. Wtb: Seeley lady white porcelain slip and light tan
  103. WTB: Resin Enchanted doll painted by Marina
  104. WTB Enchanted Doll Painted by Marina
  105. WTB: Extravagance and Marie Antoinette shoes
  106. Wig wanted
  107. WTB: Tin box x 2
  108. WTB Extravaganze or Persian slippers, Enchanted doll shoes by Marina .
  109. [FOUND]Wanted to buy: Resin ED painted by Marina
  110. WTB: Porcelain ED
  111. Want to commission : long blonde mohair wig