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  1. How did you first find out about Marina's dolls?
  2. Shoes?
  3. Who are your favorite?
  4. Links to owner sites
  5. Other porcelain artists
  6. The waiting room
  7. Furniture for Enchanted Dolls
  8. My Enchanted Doll Ruby is finished!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. A doll with tattoos and a fringe!!! (Mermaid Song)
  10. Nude doll lands man in jail
  11. Favourite Shot
  12. Clothes that fit enchanted dolls
  13. Have you seen my Izell on Flickr?
  14. What are your plans for your Enchanted Doll?
  15. wigs?
  16. Musings
  17. Question about rubenesque body
  18. How to choose THE doll??
  19. Doll Size Scale
  20. could anyone provide a price quote of marina's dolls?
  21. Orders and waiting list
  22. Enchanted Doll silver slippers
  23. Favorite costume
  24. Haute Doll article which doll is this?
  25. I robbed a bank to afford an Enchanted Doll/How do you save
  26. New source for shoes!
  27. Penny Arcade Comic
  28. Do any of these dolls remind you of... anyone?
  29. Costumed Dolls?
  30. Doll identification thread
  31. Order form questions
  32. Marina's silver doll accessories
  33. Doll Shows?
  34. Visual inspiration for your Enchanted Doll
  35. What variations do you envision for EDs?
  36. Removable Wig Option
  37. A little off topic, but a beautiful video...
  38. Japanese robes
  39. Lucius or Luca?
  40. Total Custom?
  41. Tattoos
  42. Building My Doll Fund
  43. Ebe vs Izel
  44. who do you like and why?
  45. Butterfly (and moth) wings
  46. Funny stuff on the web
  47. Paint me green with envy - Haute Doll article
  48. New all Porcelain Doll (Innoqui)...Not Enchanted one...msg
  49. Somebody Jump around with me!!!
  50. Curious...
  51. Doll necklaces - what would you choose?
  52. 100 pieces....
  53. Wishing all of you and "Enchanted" Christmas!
  54. What does it mean when it says on the site that something is temporarily reserved?
  55. Agnetha wants to come home and live with me....>>>
  56. A strange question
  57. I would like to propose an abbreviation......
  58. Are there exact measurements>>
  59. Purchasing Marina's new doll
  60. New Avatar Pic/Is it ok?
  61. Twitter
  62. Marina's doll eyes
  63. Clothed or Not?
  64. Future Home Supplies For JoAnna Turtledove
  65. "Memory" game with Enchanted Dolls
  66. Thinking of a closed eyed doll.....
  67. Cixi
  68. New doll in progress (pink crown)
  69. Shell Chair Pattern
  70. Owners of costumed EDs
  71. What do you like/love about EDs most?
  72. Beautiful Ballerina Outfits
  73. Cosmos Exploratum Genesis doll
  74. What do husbands/boyfriends think of EDs?
  75. Age of Collectors?/ Who Can Touch Your Dolls?
  76. Doll Accessories Potpourri
  77. Do you speak with your dolls? Do you consider it alive?
  78. Ebony Lucius? What do you think?
  79. The Enchanted Waiting Room
  80. How come are we obsessed ?
  81. Altered ED pics on Flickr
  82. What would you like to see Marina make....?
  83. tattoos on dolls
  84. "Enchanted" lyrics and poetry
  85. Don't you love the Video's?
  86. Ultimate prop
  87. Back Stories
  88. Chad or Marina.....Milwaukee Opening.... Help needed>>
  89. For those who will be at the opening of Marina's Milwaukee show....
  90. Questions about the Milwaukee show
  91. Does anyone know what doll is on the "Enchanted" banner?
  92. Reddiker Woodes article in Haute Doll
  93. chimera-the witch
  94. Marina on Twitter :-)
  95. Question for People Who've Bought Wigs
  96. Marina Prints?
  97. What is Edie wearing?
  98. Paper EDs?
  99. Naming EDs, the Thrill and Agony
  100. Wikipedia
  101. An Enchanted doll with blue or green hair
  102. OMGOMGOMG !!!! Did you see Marina's contest doll
  103. Ok, some one please tell me what face molds are used for Dunyazade and Makhdot
  104. Frequenting the Forum Now That The Contest Is Over?
  105. Needed: A Traveling ED
  106. share your livejournal/blog/flickr link etc.
  107. On Beauty
  108. Donating ED for school's silent auction?
  109. Primavera's porcelain/hair color
  110. Pic in "Doll Composition" section
  111. Chad.... Just curious
  112. Rare Antique Miniature Dolls Mahogany Chaise
  113. Very ED-esque picture book
  114. One week from today!!!!!!
  115. Teasers of new dolls
  116. Refresh!
  117. My doll just arrived :)
  118. Just wondering....
  119. The Show Opening
  120. Just got back from the show opening...
  121. OK... I'm bored lets talk...>>>
  122. Cinderella
  123. EDs in "Outside" Blogs
  124. Chad.... Another Question (anyone else can jump in too if you know)
  125. Marina's Speach
  126. Older work
  127. Did anyone ever find out for sure which dolls from the Show are for sale and....
  128. Shapeshifter
  129. Lavanya
  130. I've been having fun researching things for my doll's character...
  131. Another question> Would you prefer your doll to have one persona or many>>>
  132. Wanna see some pics of the new accessories I got for my EDTB?
  133. What are your thoughts on the male EDs?
  134. Wishing for some Twittering!!!!
  135. San Francisco/Bay Area /CA
  136. Chad or Marina--Question about future openings?
  137. Oh dear--I need an ED for sure now....
  138. Searching for...
  139. Will Marina exhibit in Russia?
  140. tea party in the forum
  141. Here are pics of the handmade art set and hat from the French fashion doll lady>
  142. Dreams of Enchanted Dolls
  143. Anyone else having trouble posting in the Market section?
  144. Aphrodite
  145. I noticed something interesting...
  146. EDs in Stop motion movies
  147. Very disappointed! - Russian Show cancelled
  148. Question...
  149. A funny!
  150. Initial thoughts after receiving your Enchanted Doll
  151. How many Nudes are out there?
  152. Things to do while waiting for your ED2B to be...
  153. Tatoos...
  154. A good find for you guys !!!!!!
  155. Well... I hope you guys have enjoyed the pic a day...
  156. A longhaired Edie?
  157. Artfair 21, Cologne, Germany.
  158. Enchanted Doll Tracing>>>
  159. Casting Call
  160. Ordering more than 1 doll?
  161. EEP! New doll pics!!
  162. Speculation...
  163. Porcelain situation updates
  164. Possible wig find
  165. You have got to see Marina's Blog
  166. Procedure for buying costumed dolls not currently in exhibition?
  167. Review of the Villa Terrace show
  168. Availability of the silver shoes (slippers and stiletto heels)?
  169. Posting Marina's preview pics? Okay or not so much?
  170. new tattoo dolls photo
  171. Index of Enchanted Dolls
  172. How much of Pearl/Chimera's open mouth is the sculpt, and how much is paint?
  173. Expecting...
  174. What happened August 5th?
  175. Textured skin
  176. I vote to bring the prints back!
  177. Paris Doll Convention 2010.
  178. Avatar
  179. Changing titles of threads
  180. Filtering ED nudity on Flickr
  181. Resin Dolls
  182. What are you getting?
  183. Tips for Working With EDs
  184. Statues
  185. So what do you think of the new collar?
  186. Shoes!!
  187. So what do you think of the "NEWS"???????
  188. .: ebay orphan :.
  189. What about Calypso, Eden, Nastoya, Aurora and Mercedes?
  190. i love you forum!
  191. Which doll for the cover of Enchanted Doll Book!
  192. So what happens now?
  193. Possible source for clothes?
  194. The Enchanted Doll Vacation Blog
  195. A forum glitch possibly?
  196. Are there 2 different Hathars?
  197. Want to Share my Excitement
  198. Why we want the doll we do!
  199. BJDs vs. EDs: advice, please?
  200. How do we know we are on the list?
  201. Secret Santa?
  202. My lack of understanding
  203. Lily - Nude doll on ebay!
  204. your favorite enchanted doll picture from anywhere!
  205. The future of this forum
  206. Necklace/charm?
  207. What I like about.......
  208. Random ED questions (PLEASE CHECK FAQ FIRST)
  209. Lets play "Which ED are you?"
  210. The New Doll Picture On The Blog (Page 5)
  211. You get a choice of 3 free dolls.........
  212. Suggestion - an ED FAQ?
  213. A New Enchanted Doll coming to the forum.......
  214. What dolls would you like to see in resin first?
  215. Moan Thread ;)
  216. Copy? o.o
  217. ED Doll Meeting - New England area
  218. Dutch ED's?
  219. What have ED inspired you to do that you never had done before?
  220. Quick Question on Marina's journey in finding a Company to make her Resin Line.
  221. New forum theme!!
  222. Resin doll poll
  223. I'm writing a paper about BJD's!
  224. Imagine you've won the Birthday contest and......
  225. Show in Berlin
  226. EDs with open mouths...related to a sculpt or not?
  227. A mold database?
  228. Which doll do you save from the fire?
  229. Marina's design being ripped off?
  230. The Prize Pearl!!!
  231. What do you think of this idea? What are yours?
  232. Your favourites from the Berlin Show
  233. Which job would you apply for?
  234. Paying fees for Enchanted Doll deliveries?
  235. What Are Your EDs/ED2Bs to You? And What If Someone Opened Your Doll Package?!
  236. Will the blush on an ED Fade or wipe away?
  237. Petit Luxury Furniture by Jun Planning
  238. Which 3 and why?
  239. Need help! about the different of Slender and Rubinesque
  240. Is Firebird available for custom order!?!
  241. Anatomical Correctness & Nudity
  242. How do you appraise an Enchanted Doll?
  243. New Wig Source
  244. It's left hander's Day!
  245. Anybody noticed how similar Mercades and Gwendolyn look?
  246. Ideas for ED Birthday Traditions?
  247. Tattoo, based on Ed's henna
  248. Beholding Beauty
  249. The Love Magazine
  250. Your Favourite ED tin box?