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Thread: tencat's doll- it happened!

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    2016-2017 Dolls

    I have some really fun photos of this last year's dolls on Flickr, take a look! I built a set for the girls, made mostly of painted foam. I have some ideas brewing for future projects now. I think these are the last of this sculpt that will be made. It's time to move on to something different, including more painting.

    The International Doll and Teddy Show in Asheville, NC was really a lovely experience! The doll makers I met were such fantastic and good-hearted people! It was fun, informative, and exhausting. I hope to do another show soon, and maybe do some teaching as well.

    I ordered my second resin doll recently. My firsat was mt resin ED. This one is a Lillycat Cherisedoll, Chibi Moon. I am excited to get her. I also want a Realpuki Soso.

    I miss chatting with all you great people, send me a message!


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    Your dolls and sets are really beautiful! These are dolls that you made? They look amazing!

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    I have a Chibbi Lana and I think her little body poses very well. Congratulations!

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