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    ED's FAQ

    Want to suggest updates/additions? - If so, please pm one of the admins.

    This information provided by Eiko82, updated on March 21, 2011. Notes in Italics are from Biscuitbear.

    ~ED FAQ~

    ♥ How do I order an Enchanted Doll?

    Note : Marina isn't taking orders at present and no-one knows if/when she will resume taking orders

    Until November 2010, you could sign up for the ordering list by filling in an order form provided on Marina's website. This form has now been removed. To register your interest in custom orders now, just send an email to with 'Doll order' in the subject line. Source

    Signing up for the waiting list doesn't mean that you're committed to buying an Enchanted Doll. If Marina offers you a slot and you are no longer interested, you can simply say so.

    For discussion and questions on this topic, please see this thread.

    ♥ How can I get an Enchanted Doll?

    There are several ways of getting an Enchanted Doll:
    ♥ What is the process of ordering a custom nude Enchanted Doll?

    From what I've heard from people who ordered a doll in the February 2009 doll ordering period, Marina will send you an email stating that she has a slot free for you and if you still want one. You should reply to the email asap and Marina will ask you to pay 50% of the price as a deposit. Once she has received the payment and confirmed your order, you will be told when she will start your order.

    In the last ordering period, people were given their ordering slot in February. Marina started making the dolls in May and she finished her last orders in September. It takes roughly about one month for a doll to be completed and arrive at its new home.

    Once the doll is completed, you will be required to pay the remaining 50% of the price before it's shipped out.

    Don't worry if what you wrote down on your order form isn't what you want now. For example, if you originally wrote down that you wanted a Sapphire with blond hair but have changed your mind to a Noire with black hair, that's fine. Marina wouldn't start making your order til you've confirmed what you want.

    ♥ How often does Marina take orders?

    Marina initially stopped taking orders in June 2008. That announcement was made on her blog, here.

    In September 2009, Marina made another announcement on her blog regarding orders. In that post, she mentions that she will try to make 1-2 porcelain dolls for orders a month and that slots have been allocated until February (2010).

    She also apologises to those who have been waiting a long time:
    After my show in 2010 lots of things will have changed and who knows what will happen. Maybe more order slots, maybe a resin line, maybe both. I apologize to those who waited for a long time already and I hope that you understand. Eventually I hope to work my way through my wait list.
    ♥ What about Enchanted Doll Ebay auctions?

    So far, Marina has put four nude dolls up for sale on Ebay. She always announces it on her blog. These auctions would run for 7 days. Both dolls have gone for a lot of money, way more than the price for a custom nude.

    The first one was Lolita in September 2009. She was sold for 6,900 USD. The second one was Lily in December 2009, who sold for 40,000 USD. The third doll on ebay was Ruby in November 2010, who sold for around 13,500 USD. Fourth was Twenty to Midnight in September 2011, whose final price reached 10,100.

    ♥ How do I purchase a costumed doll?

    In the fall of 2009, I've been told that the waiting list for a costumed doll is about 6 months. Today, it seems Marina is not currently taking orders for costumed dolls.

    You can email Marina about purchasing one. Not all dolls are One Of A Kind (OOAK). It's stated on the website that Echo is a limited edition of 50. It's also known that Artificial Intelligence is a limited edition of 8 and Captain Nemo's Daughter is a limited edition of 10.

    Marina also sells some of her dolls through galleries like Strychnin Gallery or ShowStudio Shop.

    ♥ What is the 'Win an Enchanted Doll' contest?

    In 2009, Marina held an contest in honour of her birthday. She would give away one nude doll (Miina) to one forum member. All you had to do was be a forum member before a certain date. It was a random draw and on her birthday (16th of March), Marina announced the winner : forum member Tealmermaid.

    In 2010, Marina is holding another contest but the rules have changed. This year, all participants must send Marina a birthday present inspired by Enchanted Dolls. The contest was held from 30th of January 'til the 1st of March. On her birthday, Marina announced the winner: Grevling won a nude Pearl.

    In 2011, Marina held another birthday contest with changed rules. You had to pitch an idea for a Enchanted doll. People were allowed to enter up to 3 entries. The winner was announced : aneemal won a nude Lily.

    ♥ How long is the waiting list?

    Nobody can give an accurate estimate at this time.

    ♥ What shows has Marina held??

    You can see a list of all of Marina's show on her website here.

    If you would like to see some pictures of her shows, you can admire these through the following links :
    Her work at the Paris Creation, November 2008
    Her work at the Berlin Show, December 2008
    Solo show at Villa Terrance, April-June 2009
    Her work at Artfair 21, Oct 2009

    ♥ How many Enchanted Dolls are out there?

    That's a very hard question to answer. Not everyone who owns an Enchanted Doll will post pictures of it online or becomes a member on the forum.

    After much browsing on the forum, I created a list of all doll owners on the forum. You can view it here.

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    If someone wants to update part of this FAQ, please email your text to one of the admins. Locking this thread now.

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