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Thread: *July 2010 theme: "summer/winter"*

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    *July 2010 theme: "summer/winter"*

    I must apologize for the lateness of my post, it's been a hectic week (and month before that)

    I'd love to announce the theme for July as per the suggestions that were made, to encourage anyone who would like to depict their doll/s and their response to either Summer or Winter, depending on your hemisphere :-)

    (ps. if you live in the southern hemishphere you don't necessarily have to depict winter if you'd prefer to pretend it was still summer :-)

    Summer / Winter
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    I don't have a doll, but I'd still prefer to pretend it's still summer if that's ok with you?:o

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    You are too funny! So far our summer has felt a little winterish here. No tan for my Ed this year.

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    woohoo summer/winter, let's do it!

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    This has been a summer of welcoming new Enchanted Dolls to the forum, so here is Yren sending her greetings! Her favorite wish is for another ED to come and visit someday, so she keeps an extra chair nearby.


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    ...and she is using an SPF 40 lotion, right? We need to protect that beautiful skin...

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    Nice picture I had a dream last night, i was setting up a gallery of my own dolls, In 1 exhibit i place 4 dolls 'sisters' they were based on spring, summer, autum and winter. it was a nice draem and the dolls were beautiful.... bit of a coincidence really lol..

    Anyway spring was a type of Eddy mold, with Brown/honey hair blue eyes, dressed in a flowery dress picking daffodils, spring was gwendolyn, with light blond hair, green eyes she was sunbathing, wit a daisy, autum was almost a cinderella mold, red hair, brown eyes wearing a pixie ish dress holding dying flowers, and winter was a type of saphire mold with white hair dark brown eyes and was wearing a delecately embroded white dress... with snow drops... they wouldn't stay in her hand...

    anyways when i get my molds done i think this would be a good theme... And if i had a doll i'd post a picture so this is as close as i get

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    Oh, Ruth, she looks gorgeous! Yren has so many different looks. I think she must be an actress as well as a model. I love her bikini.
    Valeira, those dolls sound lovely. I hope you remember them and can make the outfits.
    I just read a fantasy short story last night about a Chinese winter fairy who is the keeper of golden chopsticks. The chopsticks are used to lift a single snowflake from a crystal urn, which determines the snowfall for winter. They are inlaid with snowflake patterns in silver, ivory and pearl, and the fairy wears ornaments of silver snowflakes in her hair, so your last doll really brings that to mind. So pretty.

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    Yren is wonderful in this bikini
    It very pleasant to see her enjoying the sun, because it's winter here and the weather is changing so fast (sun and rain, wind and sun...)

    Valeira, it was a very beautiful dream and it would be so nice to see your seasons sisters in reality

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    This shot looks so ridiculously real that at first I thought Yren was a real person!!
    Dance like no one is watching

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