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Thread: Anatomical Correctness & Nudity

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    Quote Originally Posted by lilithskyblu View Post
    This raises a question I have always wanted to ask. Am I the only one whose clitoris does not hang out? How correct is correct?
    There's a reason why people make a lot of jokes about men not being able to find them. Don't worry, you're not particularly abnormal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allurose View Post
    I thought it would be interesting to hear people's views about the anatomical correctness of Marina's dolls. Is it a bonus that makes you want to display your dolls nude? Or do you want to cover them all up?
    Are there situations where doll nudity seems less appropriate to you?
    An interestingly timed question. In the boutique I work at, we have an Enchanted Doll prominently displayed in the front display window, and large A1 posters of her hanging above the display. Ophelia is displayed completely nude, in a deliberate, and well thought out decision.

    Recently, Victoria Buckley's proud use of Ophelia came under fire from facebook because of her "nudity" - I won't go into it again, but if you're interested you can see the thread here: Save Ophelia

    Perhaps I'm the wrong person to ask, because as an artist I am so used to the nude form being differenciated from the "naked", and being viewed as a depiction of the artful and the beautiful, rather than being synonymous with lust and depravation.

    I think a nude doll, even with quite realistic anatomia, can still be posed modestly, beautifully, and serenly.
    --> Remember, even a fully clothed person can use their body language in a way to be a hundred times more offensive and suggestive than a decently posed fully nude form.

    For my part, I thought I would display my doll fashioned in intricate little costumes that I made for her - this has ended in me selling/giving away most of the items I made because I never keep her dressed. She is so beautiful that she just stands around in the nude, like a little muse from classic times.

    I view marina's dolls as artworks, and I think it would seem quite ludicrous to walk through a Fine Art gallery and see all the beautiful Roman ans Greek sculptures covered up in sheets to "protect their modesty". There is nothing vulgar about them - same goes for Marina's dolls.

    Now, I'm, not advocating against dressing them, I did just mention I do enjoy sewing little costumes for her, I just don't see anything to be ashamed of if they're accidentally seen by a family member in the nude. Yes - even by children.
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    lilithskyblu: Real women have a lot of variation in the size, shape, and asymmetry of inner and outer labia and clitoris. There really isn't a "normal" look at all, which is why I think it's so cool that Marina's dolls don't all have the same type of ladyparts either. Some have more pronounced clitoris, some more pronounced labia, and some vulvas seem to be positioned farther forward on the pelvis than others, again like real women. From what I can tell, anyways, there isn't exactly a close-up of each doll's downstairs bits!

    mayple: I'd heard about all the ridiculous drama with your lovely displays, which is part of the reason I got thinking about this issue. I really hope that all gets resolved in your favor; people are just so silly. I completely agree that I see the ED's nudity as tasteful in a similar way to classical art. I'd hang a fine art nude on my wall, why should I feel I have to cover up my doll? I also agree that this applies to children as well as adults. Children, if anything, have a greater need for tasteful education about the normality of the human figure.
    It's very true what you said about body language carrying the language of lewdness rather than amount of skin showing. Very relevant with EDs being a poseable as they are!

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    It's interesting this topic came up just now... I just finished reading an early children's book by Gregory Maguire (of "Wicked" fame) called "Daughter of the Moon" which was ridiculously hard to get my hands on, though his other books aren't. As I read it, I kept watching and waiting for whatever it was that caused public libraries to shun this book.

    Half way through, I found out: Erikka's aunt--an artist--has come to visit and becomes a cherished friend to her. In one scene, Erikka is in her bedroom watching her young aunt preparing for a dinner engagement. The aunt undresses completely while Erikka reflects admiringly on how beautiful and graceful, yet strong, a grown-up lady's body is. Then the aunt sits down on the bed with her, still completely nude, and they chat companionably--until the step-mother walks in on them and, red-faced, orders Erikka to "give her aunt some privacy!"

    So there it was... I think the problem was not so much what the librarians thought of this scene as what they thought parents would think. Same with Marina's dolls: it's not so much what I think of their nudity that needs clarifying and discussing--it's what the people around me think I'm thinking about it.

    Fortunately my immediate family all seem to get it. My friends have been more shocked at the price than the dolls themselves. I do have one friend who refused to go past the Enchanteddoll.com landing page, but what she was reacting to was neither the nudity nor the anatomy--it was the "cuts" in the bodies at the joints. They looked violent to her, and it was the violence she didn't want to look at. All I could think of was to explain rather lamely that we're used to them and they don't strike us that way...
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    Lilithskyblu: It seems purposefully exaggerated, or open. I myself have never seen it quite 'like that', but I mean I wouldn't know too much either about the various female genitalia out there.

    Anyway, I myself am not squeamish about nudity, doll nor human. In the early stages of my ED experience, I think that that was the one thing that kept me drawn away from the dolls, but after rediscovering them, it became less and less of a 'deal', and just simply how they were. I was used to resin BJDs before that, and the anatomy of those dolls, but I think it's fair to say that EDs have a bit more graphic detail than those dolls. Sometimes those dolls aren't even blushed, but EDs are in full color and detail.

    Having said that, I would not pose my dolls nude unless it was my own house. I still live with my family, and everybody likes to pretend they have never seen a naked person before. The family is just like that, and my mother would probably be shocked by the fact that I would have such a doll, or such a sight displayed. I guess people just assume you are perverted or there's something wrong with you if you don't make all efforts to hide what they find inappropriate. If you read some of the comments from that Ophelia news, you will see that people can be pretty single-minded about why you would have a detailed nude doll.

    As for me, personally, I enjoy dressing a doll, as beautiful as EDs are unclothed. EDs are just as beautiful clothed as unclothed, in my opinion. Marina's doll costume's are the prime example.

    The males aren't quite as detailed as the females, yes. Honestly, I've seen some art dolls of nude males where the artists go hyper-realistic.. I'm perfectly fine with the way the males look now, and would probably clothe them too. Clothes are fun. But I don't have a problem with them nude.

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    I don't have a problem with anatomical corectness in any way.
    I'm a midwife, so female genetalia do not offend me at all.
    Lillith, you honestly wouldn't believe how many variations there are out there and they are all normal.
    My daughter is also fine with it all, she actually thinks her dolls look wrong because they don't really look like girls do.
    I think dressing an ED would be great fun, but they also look fantastic nude.
    I have seen the display at Victoria's shop first hand and let me tell you, it looks amazing, not in the least bit offensive

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    I really don't care that they're anatomically correct or not. 'Cause I never keep my dolls naked.

    To some extent, I tend to see dolls as small people with feelings. So I never keep any dolls naked 'cause I know that I wouldn't like it if I was put on display naked and have people stare at me all day. Also, in winter, I can't stop thinking that they must be very cold if they had to sit around naked. That's why you'll rarely see Arya naked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eiko82 View Post
    To some extent, I tend to see dolls as small people with feelings. So I never keep any dolls naked 'cause I know that I wouldn't like it if I was put on display naked and have people stare at me all day. Also, in winter, I can't stop thinking that they must be very cold if they had to sit around naked. That's why you'll rarely see Arya naked.
    I like this idea, Its quite nice and i never realy thought about it that way.

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    Wow JayneM your a mid-wife? Quite a responsibility but really cool! I had C-sections but I heard babies can really stretch you down there (I didn't say down under ) and that women actually have operations to hoist it back up, so to speak, ouch!

    Anyway, I never really gave my opinion and I know your all dieing for it, ha!
    I think Enchanted dolls are gorgeous naked, and as I have said in the past, I would just love to see the Countess naked with her dark hair cascading around her shoulders, what a sight that would be!,( how long is her hair anyway?) I cover Tess if company will be coming over because I know most people do get uncomfortable, but I like to show off her dress and helmet anyway.

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    for me,

    doll from Marina is a pice of art!

    I'm not mind to see her nude or wearing costume!

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