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Thread: Comparison photos

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    I think this is the body you are looking for?

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    All of the photos proved to be really helpful!! Thankyou for posting these.. for someone who is trying to make the tremendously difficult decision of choosing which doll to get, such photographs as these really help!!
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    blackwidow Guest


    You are so very lucky to have those beautiful dolls. I like the raven hair girl.

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    * Shoulder width: 6.5cm
    is it from one arm to an other or only the torso part ?
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    LittleSam Guest
    Can someone take some shots of an enchanted doll next to a basic doll such as a Barbie ? I would like to compare the size with something I know !

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    There are photos next to a Barbie on page 2 of this thread here :


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    LittleSam Guest
    How can I have missed that ^^" !
    Thanks a lot.

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    Wow, Chandra makes Barbie look dumpy! Great comparison. I like that your doll is modest. She's a lady.

    I prefer the wider bust on Chandra nude, I think the narrow one makes the doll look anorexic and unhealthy. but I can see Marina's point in using the more narrow bust to make costuming and placing on a stand easier.

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    Thank you all for the helpful photos and links.
    I can only imagine how insanely busy Marina is with her upcoming art show and whatnot, but there are a few things she could add to her site that would make the ordering process a little easier, once she re-opens her site for orders.

    For instance:
    ~ A photo of dolls representing each skintone available, for comparison's sake
    ~ A photo that details the difference between the 'slender' and 'rubinesque' body type
    ~ A sample photo of all the eye and lip colors available,
    ~ A sample of the hair colors available and what each one is called, because some people (okay, me) would be confused as to what color "sand" and "champagne" is.

    It might be time consuming, but wouldn't it make things easier in the long run? I'm sure it would free up Marina's inbox a little!

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    Oh yes, that would definitely be helpful.
    ~ Meow ~

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