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  • Clymenestra

    7 10.94%
  • Kay

    11 17.19%
  • Vega

    21 32.81%
  • Andromeda

    21 32.81%
  • Cassiopeia

    4 6.25%
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Thread: Your favorite resin doll?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mayple View Post
    Lol, we both just thought the same thing....
    great minds..... Monika

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    I voted Vega, my fave so far. If Vega's eyebrows were a bit different she'd look less sad, I think. Is she/Beauty the Ruby face? I looked at the unpainted resin face photos and that was my guess, but some of you forumites are way better at the face game than I. I compared it beauty to Shapeshifter. Ruby is a very versatile mold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandra View Post
    I choose Andromeda because she is lovely.
    Unfortunately for me, Marina's last faces (Silk road, Beauty) are not my tastes.
    Vega is too close from Beauty (they looks too sad for me) and I'm not very fond of Cassiopeia eyes.
    I agree with you but I do love Vega. The sad dolls are beautiful but they look like they are about to die of a broken heart or suicide. I just want to hug them. They will still be beautiful if they were a little happy looking but perhaps not so haunting. Andromeda has a look of happiness. This is why I also love Emerald.

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    I absolutely love them all but Vega is my favorite resin. The coloring is very good too...the others seem a tad too pink I think
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    I really like Kay. I'm curious to see what else could be done with that sculpt.
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    incontestably i vote for Andromeda she is a pure beauty

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    Clymenestra-she is such a sleeping beauty. Does she has rooted eyelashes?

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    Yay, I wished for a poll and my wish came truuue! Thanks Biscuitbear!

    Well, I love Kay, hands down. I think Clymenestra and Cassiopea are lovely too, but I've always had a strange block about half-closed or closed-eyed dolls. Gorgeous to look at but I wouldn't want to own one, because they would be harder for me to pose I think.

    Andromedea is my girlfriend's favorite, but she's too lazy to become a member of the comm so she doesn't get a vote. :P
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    My fav as they are now is Andromeda (I think her proportions with large eyes and little nose make her look very youthful) but if Vega's face is the resin correspondent of a Ruby mold, then my top fav would be Vega only with a more Sapphire-like painting.
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    Astera, I'm amazed by what she does with paint. I still can't decide if the Lilly look-alike is built on the Ruby mold or if there's an separate mold for the half closed eyes!

    I really love all of them, but I want them to have warmer eyes. The blue really clashes for me. The girls with the brown eyes stand out as far more harmonious right now. I really want to see the other two styles with different eye colors and different wigs.

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