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Thread: List of Costumed Dolls: available/sold

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    List of Costumed Dolls: available/sold

    Someone mentioned that they'd like a list of all costumed dolls and if they were sold. I didn't include the works in progress like Pink Crown or Cosmos 'cause these aren't available for sale.

    After digging around the forum and Marina's site, this is what I found. I tried to organize them according to the venue where they were sold :

    IMPORTANT NOTE : If it says 'limited edition of X', that means that there are X number of dolls available. However, Marina does NOT premake them. For example, for Artifical Intelligence, only two have been made. If you were to order this doll, Marina would make her from scratch.


    Imperial Concubine - OOAK (One Of A Kind) -sold- owner unknown

    Lotus - OOAK -sold- owner unknown

    Mermaid Song - OOAK - Marina's personal collection

    Echo - limited/50 - Marina's personal collection

    Makhdot - uncertain.

    Banshee - uncertain.

    Dunyazade - limited/2 - 1 is in Marina's personal collection, 2 is on sale.

    Princess Swan - OOAK - available

    Butterfly Io - OOAK -sold- owned by DollZwize

    Alice in Wonderland - OOAK -sold - owned by valleyviolet

    The Bride of Frankenstein - OOAK -sold- owned by lilithskyblu

    Artificial Intelligence - limited/6 - one owned by Eiko82, one owned by owner unknown

    Lavanya - OOAK -sold- owned by MissLK

    The Vessel - OOAK -sold- owned by JacquiM

    Strychnin Gallery

    Elena the Beautiful - OOAK (?) -sold- owned by pinktink

    Shape Shifter - OOAK -sold- owned by MigMig

    - limited/3 - one owned by Amy in PA, one owned by Marina, one owned by owner unknown

    Aphrodite - OOAK -sold- owned by Amy in PA

    Artfair 21

    Agnetha - OOAK - available for sale

    State Property - OOAK - Marina's personal collection


    Scheherazade - OOAK -sold- owner unknown

    Ebay auctions

    Lolita - OOAK -sold- owner unknown

    Lily - OOAK -sold- owner unknown

    Ruby - OOAK - sold - owner unknown

    Fragility @ Strychnin Berlin

    Cathedral - OOAK - Marina's personal collection

    Captain Nemo's Daughter - limited/10 -one sold- owner unknown

    Virgin - OOAK - uncertain

    Specimen - OOAK -sold- owner unknown

    Golden Lily - OOAK -sold- owner unknown

    The Countess - OOAK -sold- owner unknown

    Stages of Grief - OOAK -sold- owner unknown

    Fortunatar - OOAK -sold- owned by pianissimo

    Anna Karenina - OOAK -sold- owner unknown

    - OOAK -sold- owner unknown

    - OOAK -sold- owned by Firebird

    Olga - OOAK -sold- owned by matilla

    In Wolf’s Clothing @ ShowStudio Shop

    Beauty and the Beast - OOAK -sold- owner unknown

    To Bed @ ShowStudio Shop

    Twenty to Midnight - OOAK - available

    Artful Henna

    Silk Road - OOAK - sold

    Russian shows in June
    Empress Cixi - OOAK -sold- owner unknown
    Stepmother - available for sale

    Twenty To Midnight, Agentha and Swan Princess were always on sale at this expo.

    //Last UPDATED 09/06/2011//

    To inquire about a particular doll, it's probably best to email Marina or Strychnin Gallery directly.
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    I've heard a few times marina never wants to sell Mermaid Song

    Otherwise this is amazing, wow eiko!!
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    Thanks Eiko

    I'm so happy about Pink Crown.

    It's can make me have a little hope

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    Hey, who owns shoes or crowns? Do we know anything about that?

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    Mermaid Song is Marina's own, she won't sell her. And Cixi is still a work in progress
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    I heard one Cinderella is owned by Marina and I own Thalia from fragility show. Thanks Eiko!

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    Thanks for the feedback, everyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kimmikat View Post
    Mermaid Song is Marina's own, she won't sell her. And Cixi is still a work in progress
    Actually, I know that Cixi was on sale when Marina had her expo at Villa Terrace Museum in 2009. That's why I put her in the 'for sale' part but perhaps, Marina or Chad could shed some light on that.

    I didn't include Albino, Tahlia and Firebird 'cause they're listed under the Nude section on her website.
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    I asked Marina and Chad about Echo(s), as I remember somewhere in the forum Chad was pointing out that none of them ever sold, but I did not get an answer... probably Marina is reworking them...I don't think they are available at this point...or maybe I misunderstood...

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    oh thank you so much for the info ah how i wish i could get the Silk back from the henna expo :rolleyes: i absolutely ador her and the blue eye look so lovely on Ruby
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    Wow - this is an astonishing amount of work and a true labor of Love - Thank you so Much Eiko82!

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