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Thread: Doll-making Thread Rules

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    Exclamation Doll-making Thread Rules

    A little house-keeping note from the moderators....

    We'd like to make some small distinctions and guidelines for posts in this sub-forum.
    This is a Forum dedicated to Marina Bychkova's creations, Enchanted Dolls.

    Her work is obviously very inspiring, and many creative people have been inspired by her work to try their hands at making their own dolls. Marina herself once mentioned this is her favourite part of the forum, getting to see the hard work the members here have put into their own artworks is truly a delight. This is why Biscuitbear created this section of the forum, and we encourage all our participating forum members to share their progress and achievements.

    We do feel the need however, to make a distinction between regular Forum members who take part in the rest of the Forum's discussions and activities as well, and from members who do not post anywhere else but in this section, who come to this forum simply to promote their own work.

    With this in mind, please feel free to introduce yourself in the introductory thread before posting here... Let us know a bit about yourself and what drew you to this forum in particular, how Marina's work has inspired you, and of course, if you have a favourite Enchanted Doll :-)

    Update: 21/05/2011

    As the title of this forum suggests, this is a place to show your work in progress. Threads that are started solely in order to promote a finished piece may be locked/removed without warning, at the discretion of the moderators.

    Thank you, and we look forward to seeing everyone's creations!!

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    An update/reminder.

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