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Thread: Entries for the Enchanted Doll contest 2011

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    Hello everyone!

    This is my entry: http://belmira.deviantart.com/art/Ma...test-200388194

    My proposal is in the description box. I didnt know whether we had to draw out an actual ED or not, Marina-style. I drew my entry out as I draw out any other costume or character concept I normally create. I hope it doesnt hurt my entry. :o

    Cant wait to see more entries. I wonder who will win.

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    Everyone's entries are really amazing. I truly hope it's someone from the forum. As much as I would LOVE to win as long as I can see who gets her I will be more than happy. I don't know how we are going to make it to the announcement

    Nothing worth having comes easy.

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    Wow! I am impressed with all the fabulous imagined possible dolls! And Angelender I have to say you really must have spent quite a bit of time on yours! So intricate! Very beautiful! We are a talented bunch!

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    These are all beautiful. (My art skills are looking pretty meager now! )

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    Quote Originally Posted by valleyviolet View Post
    These are all beautiful. (My art skills are looking pretty meager now! )
    I totally know what you mean! I didn't even add a picture as there was no way I could draw what I was trying to explain:o
    I feel so totally inadequate after seeing so much gorgeous art on this forum.
    They really are quite spectacular, congratulations to all of you

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    I'm home now, so I can post my entries properly!

    Ceridwen, Goddess of Balance

    Ceridwen is the goddess of balance, fulfilling humanity’s vision for a being that does not constantly struggle with disharmony in life. The unusual agility, strength, and flexibility of the Enchanted Doll body allows her to assume a wide variety of positions, as she demonstrates physically the grace and peace that comes with balance in life. Ceridwen’s headdress of bronze scales swings from a support braided into her hair, reflecting her movements and the need to carefully consider both sides of each choice. The apple she holds expresses the balance of knowledge and innocence, fullness and hunger. Ceridwen’s graceful postures are further accentuated by her specially sculpted en pointe feet, which have snugly fitting ballet pointe shoes.

    While humans must strive to find the perfect midpoint between work & play, company & solitude, self-caring & caring for others, Ceridwen is effortlessly drawn to natural harmony. Even with the smallest surface of her toes or hands on which to base the weight of her decisions, her balance is perfect.

    Sif and Her Golden Hair by allurose, on Flickr

    Sif’s and Her Golden Hair

    In an ancient Norse legend, the goddess Sif’s hair is cut off by a mischievous god. Sif’s husband, Thor, replaces it with hair made of pure gold. The legend is meant to show the origin of Sif’s supernaturally lovely and golden locks, but much of the legend focuses on Sif’s shame at being so horribly ugly. Indeed, she is convinced that her husband will love her no longer. Thor’s gift of replacement hair seems to confirm this. The hair becomes a symbol of his power and of her role as a wife. In many cultures throughout history it was only a husband who could enjoy the luxury of viewing a woman’s hair loose and unadorned. It was a woman’s responsibility to keep her hair intact for her husband’s pleasure. A woman without hair was not really a woman at all.

    In this interpretation, Sif’s new hair blends into golden chains that connect to shackles on all parts of her body, representing the demand that the need for beauty places on all aspects of her daily life. On manacles are the Norse runes for Man and Property, demonstrating that her body and her appearance are considered the property of another.

    Laghima, Being of Formless Light

    Laghima is named after the sanskrit word for the ability to make one’s own body extremely light: to levitate. Laghima personifies the search for enlightenment, the filling of oneself with formless supreme light. Enlightenment integrates her with all of existence.

    On Laghima’s body are the seven chakras, or wheels of energy. By focusing on the smooth flow of energy around these wheels, Laghima can cycle her life force up through her body, achieving levitation and enlightenment. The light of her energy is fueled by her six chakras: her earthly grounding, her sexual desire, her willpower, her compassion, her speech, and her intellect. It then passes into the seventh chakra, represented by the lotus of formless light above her head. By mastering these aspects of herself she becomes the complete human and the complete woman.

    Concept and written work are my doing, the art was done by Joe Blank (who generously donated her art for my use).
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    Lock / No Woman In the Poetry

    As a rule, I don't borrow or inspire from Art, or Exist people, etc, I want to creat my new caracter, she base on the human right of Gay, woman who have less choice, but no than Gay and Homosexual.

    No women in the poetry
    There is only woman that I love
    I don’t believe there are women in poetry
    I wrote this poem for a woman whom I love

    Her name was Lock, came from nowhere, appeared as the wind, “she was beautiful!, every man needed her ;but, I couldn’t see it because I’m blind. I only know the beauty by touching, whenever I touch her, I highly feel how much beautiful she is!

    “Why you married with me?” she giggled and said “You were the only man who saw through my heart, gave me free and never seen my ugliness”

    “A baby” was her last word before she disappeared; my world was falling.

    A year later, she once appeared with a child.

    In no time, she got charged by villagers who told that she had killed a woman by cutting her womb and stolen a baby from her. They told she was such a demon disguise in a woman. No way. I know her well.

    When visiting her in the prison, although she hurt as tortured but giggled and softly said “I love you; nevertheless, I have to go. This body locks me from liberty, no prison is cruel than this body”…

    …Then, she was burnt alive…

    This is for a woman that I’ve never seen but always stick in my memoir.
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    2 Blind eyes: Hysteria

    Blind eyes: Hysteria

    I never sleep and never will, it would make me miss hearing my love!

    People walk around me, but never feel me. It must be because my flickering light. I thought!

    But once a man with a lovely voice always comes reading a great novel and singing a beautiful poem under my gleam, I truly feel he is the light in my blind eyes. ďI love to sit here near this light pole, I can feel beauty and warm lighting inside herĒ He feels me!

    Then he was gone!!!

    Forget it! I canít remember how long!

    Then he is back!!!

    He comes with someone, a sound like a woman shoe steps on the street, Cheating!!

    They together sit under the new light pole near the cherry blossom tree which she thinks itís clean and safer than my place. Cruel!!

    I try to push the limit of my light more than ever to attract him, more I am burning myself, more he is distant from me!

    Now I have no light because of that kindling, he never walks round me no more!

    Concept and Inspiration:

    Blind people, who never see, thought they know it exist, just feel it.

    Hysteria people, who want to express themselves, but people never feel it. just see it.

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    Oops, one double entry so far, I submitted an idea for a "Gorgon" doll as well, like sleepwalker. :o
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    EEEEEEEEEY it is here !!!!!

    EEEEEh!!! :eek: WOW WOW WOW !!! how exiding it is finely i was so wonted to see what you guys did and IT IS INCREDIBLE AWESOME COOL
    such a talentad artist and what an awesome intrey you guys rock !!!!!
    kip it coming !!!!!
    Never stop dreaming, if you have a dream you have reason to live for. Don't let them die pursue them achieve them and find another to pursue.

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