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Thread: January 2012 - 'EDs and their ED Tins'

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    Cocoon, love your photo, and I also wanted to say I've ben admiring your styling of Tahlia for many months now! You always dress her so gorgeously and here is no exception!

    Giselle, really love the outfit you have your Ruby in with that cute little shirt and I love the tin she is sitting on. I almost got that tin, maybe I should now, and my Hathar can sleep in different tins! She might be getting bored of her Cinderella tin after all.

    Pianissimo: Thanks for your comment on my little painting-- even with all the anotomy errors! (I think I painted Hathor's head too long--opps!)

    Lilithskyblue: What I meant was that it's painted in Photoshop CS4. Sorry for the confusion. I went and clarified.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anneuk View Post
    Thankyou to Ruth for posting links to pics of beautiful dolls with their tins. Giselle's pics are in one of the links but I thought you may like an extra one!
    I love the new photo of Giselle and her tin. I'm also in love with her outfit. Very cute
    For more pictures of Gwen, Arya and Moira, click here

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