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Thread: ★ Forum 2012 Birthday Contest ★

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    ★ Forum 2012 Birthday Contest ★

    Dear forumites! Would you like to hold a modest alternative contest, in light of the Official Contest's postponement?! If you answered 'yes' to the above, please read on...

    We are going to create an Enchanted Doll 2013 Calendar comprised of ED Fan Art/Photography.

    We are asking you, the Contestants, to create the image that will feature as the month of March, in celebration of Marina's birthday and the Birthday Contest tradition! The other months will feature a selection of owner photography, yet to be decided (perhaps by a vote?).

    So, how will you choose to depict March, in terms of Enchanted Doll?
    Some ideas to get you started:
    You could show us:
    - how much you want to win an Enchanted Doll
    - how you'd react if you won!
    - what you'd do with an Enchanted Doll
    - a Birthday wish for Marina
    - an Enchanted Doll party

    etc. etc.
    The competition is open to any media including: drawing, painting, photography, photo-manipulation, collage, sculpture etc. However, whatever you create, the entry itself must be an image, so if your idea is 3-dimensional, your submission would have to be a photograph of your creation.

    Please also include a short description of your final entry, of no more than 100 words (in English) This is not obligatory, but would give us a better understanding of each entry.

    • The deadline for submission is midnight (GMT) on Friday March 23rd
    • Winners will be announced on Sunday March 25th
    ◊ RULES:
    • One entry per person
    • All entries must be 100% your own work
    • You agree that your submission may be included in a printed calendar, of which copies may be sold without compensation to you
    • 1st Prize:
      - A Deluxe Pendant (depicting the doll of your choice*) with Silver Crown Bail + a copy of the 2013 Calendar!

      *Subject to availability
    • 2nd Prize:
      - 'Valentine', by Karolin Felix - Art Print (frame not inc.) plus - Sticker Print (design tbc), by Monika Viktoria plus - OOAK pendant, by Jayne Mateljan!! (You lucky things!)
      + +
    • 3rd Prize:
      - 'Valentine', by Karolin Felix - Mini Art Print (pictured far right)
    If you have any questions, or want to discuss anything regarding this contest, please use the discussion thread in the News section.

    Hoping that you'll enter, and if you do - Good Luck!

    Facebook ~ Flickr ~ DeviantArt

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    Enchanted Doll by Miriam

    407575_10150472324865939_571130938_8758076_1683173 535_n by MIRIAMDOVE, on Flickr

    I drew this picture of an Enchanted Doll that I created. It is inspired by one of my favorite artist, Josephine Wall. If made into a doll, the top would be a resin head piece and the river would go from resin to a satin blue ribbon that would flow down her hair. Hope you enjoy!

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    Turns out I misread the rules and didn't realize that this photo was also going to be part of the ED-calender.

    One of the ideas suggested by Aneemal was a birthday wish for Marina. So I decided to create a lovely birthday card invitation for Marina's birthday for all her fans. This was the result :

    I realize now that the birthday text wouldn't be very handy for the calender. So here is the photo with text :

    For more pictures of Gwen, Arya and Moira, click here

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    Watercolor on paper, Lily is my favorite so of course she takes center stage!

    I can mail original if its a winner to whomever is making the calender so they can manipulate it, as long as in the end it makes its way to Marina.
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    I searched for my inner enchanted doll ...and this is what I found:

    Itīs a modified, mirrored and colored portrait photo of me, so I wanna show you and Marina the enchanted doll that is living inside of me^^
    March-flowers, stains, paper and other backgrounds made, arranged and photographed by me, all assembled in Photoshop.
    Sorry that itīs not a postcard-shape...cut it as you like!

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    my image depicts the awakening of Spring in a bed of eranthis hyemalis flowers which grow in the month of March and are the bringers of Spring here. Enchanted Doll (Marina) has been and always is the bringer of inspiration and creativity for me and has also connected me to all the lovely and creative people here on the forum which i am very grateful for. Marina's birthday in the middle of March has become a time of creativity awakening, and it is when nature awakens outside, and that is what i wanted to show with my contest submission.

    link to 300 ppi size

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    An Enchanted Doll for March in soft pencils, fine ball point pen and colored pencils on paper drawn by me. I hope you like her

    Daffodils are the birth-flower of March. They represent new beginnings and a prosperous future - things I also associate with Marina. Daria is Persian for queen. I chose to combine the name of the flowers with Daria to show that she is truly a queen of springtime beginnings. Her crown is inspired by Cinderella's.

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    tencat's entry

    I gathered my Enchanted Doll trinkets and ED-inspired works and made a "collage." I call it- "My Favorite Things". My girl wishes she were and ED- and that she could wear those shoes.

    (I have a vertical version too on flickr.)

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    Did you make the corset? It's very pretty! I love the whole composition.

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    Thanks Sabrina-The corset was made by Biscuitbear- it's the most amazing little thing, isn't it? It's so delicate and perfect.

    OOOps- please move to discussion thread- can't figure out how to delete, sorry!
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