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Thread: **Forum Relocation**

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    Thumbs up **Forum Relocation**


    If you are reading this, then we're so glad that you made the journey with us to our 'new home'!

    Please update your bookmarks! The new url is...

    We would like to apologise for the abruptness of the move and for the lack of forewarning about the changes being implemented. As you may have been aware, the previous installation ran into some problems, with errors making it increasingly difficult for the forum to function. This is part of the reason why we decided to upgrade. The other reason behind the change is the news that our forum founder, Hélène (aka Biscuitbear) has decided to step down and pass the forum on. We do hope that she will still visit and we hope that you'll join us in thanking Hélène for starting this community and providing us with a place to share our common interest, discussion, inspiration and friendship.

    We sincerely hope that we haven't lost anyone during the transition...

    So, please do hop over to the 'Roll Call' thread and let us know that you're here!!

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    Thank you, dearest Hélène, you were our valiant leader from the beginning, thank you for giving us fans this lovely home. To the ones who will now walk in her stead- best of luck!


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    yay for everything working smoothly and want to once more say, officially:

    thank you Helene for starting this community, it's wonderful to have this place to share the Love of Enchanted Doll, i'm very grateful to you for all your dedication and wish you all the best! ♥

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    Thanks a lot, dear Hélène!

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    A huge thanks to Helene for starting this amazing forum, and providing the place and means for this wonderful little community to grow and evolve,

    A HUGE hip hip hurray to Amal, for being the genius-scientist-brains behind the operation. Feels like we blinked and POOF... magical new forum is up and running. Well... literally it happened like that... of course :P
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    I sincerely want to thank Helene for setting this wonderful forum up♥
    I have made so many friends here, both online and in person.
    This is the first place I visit in the morning and the last place I visit at night.
    Please make sure you come back to visit Helene, we all appreciate what you have accomplished here and we all love it.
    Also, huge hugs to Amal for managing to captain the ED ship to its new port
    As we say down here "On ya Amal, bloody brilliant!"♥♥♥♥♥

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    Many, many thanks to Hélène !!!
    It is good to see Enchanted back up.


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    Arrrrrr.... thank ye cap'n, feels good to be en boarrrrrrd, looking onwarrrd to chattin' & yer rummy...... um.... yummy ED photos!

    I appreciate all of the effort you've put into ED forum all these years Hélène

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    Thanks everyone, you will make me blush! My EDs are still my most treasured possessions, but since moving to the big city 3 years ago and changing jobs, I've been having less and less time for the virtual life, so I'm thankful that whiz kid Amal is taking over the technical side, and that the renewed team of admins is taking good care of the forum. I will stil visit of course and if I win the euromillion, I will buy a rubenesque for sure!

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    Thanks Hélène for starting this wonderful forum. I hope that you'll still drop by from time to time and share your girls with us.

    Thanks to Aneemal for making the move so smooth. The new forum looks great!
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