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Thread: Seeking Lace and Trims??

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    Seeking Lace and Trims??

    Hello dear ones,

    I have a little request. I've been traveling for the past two years, and I managed to pick up some beautiful trims whilst I was in Paris. I thought I was moving back to Australia and I shipped it ALL back ahead of me. Plans changed, and I'm in London for a while longer. I'm not familiar with London, don't know where any nice craft stores are with beautiful lace and ribbons (ok I found ONE - in Liberty, but the prices are a LITTLE out of my range!!!), and am not finding such nice examples online (bags of a few scraps listed at outrageous prices on etsy is all.)

    If anyone has any extra un-needed scraps of lace, ribbons, trims, shreds of silk, I would like to know. I am happy to either pay for postage, or can offer a trade of postcards/stickers/prints with my artwork. To say thank you, and to make it worthwhile for the person trading their extra lace etc.

    I'm including links to examples of my work, if anyone should feel tempted. Please PM if you are :o

    stickers & postcards / prints
    enchanted doll outfits: www.orchidsdesigns.blogspot.com
    my artworks: www.monikaviktoria.com

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    I think I may be able to help you out. I have some lovely Swiss lace etc. PM me with your address. It will motivate me to post something for someone else on the forum that I have made a promise to.

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