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Thread: East SF Bay CA, USA Meetup - Makeover theme!

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    East SF Bay CA, USA Meetup - Makeover theme!

    I've just set a date for my spring meetup. I'll post the info here on the slim chance some of you lovely ED people can come. Like before, my paper EDs and my ED book will be there for folks to check out. I'd love to meet more ED fans in person!

    This post on DoA.

    TIME: Saturday, April 13th, 2:00

    LOCATION: Allurose's House in Concord
    Rides from North Concord BART available. BARTers plan on arriving at the North Concord BART at 2:00 for easy pickup.
    Drivers will receive a PM with the address the day before.

    -Dolls! Bring your dolls! Tinies are welcome to make themselves at home in the 1:6 scale dollhouse. Bigger dolls can play on our SD furniture and lounge around looking gorgeous.
    -Makeovers! Fix up your beauties! Learn how to do your own manicure, pedicure, or blushing. You may also be able to commission faceups while at the meet.
    -Doll maintenance station! Bring your problem children! Mod or fix your doll. Supplies and some experience provided.
    -Food! There will be food. Type of food is to be determined (suggestions welcome).
    -Swap! Buy, sell, or trade dolls or doll related items.
    -Open Dolly Event! All dolls, plushies, and toys are welcome.
    -Nametags! So we can keep track of who is who.
    -RSVP: By April 6th.
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