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Thread: What to do?

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    I think we all agree here Marina's dolls are gorgeous and she is very talented. But she is a grown up and not a child that needs to be protected. She will get criticism on some scale all her life, whether it is on her dolls not being perfect or on her not being perfect. That is life and as an artist she is not exempt to criticism. The people making the comments love her dolls and have stated this but they are entitled to their opinion as long as it is not said with malice. I feel sometimes here that unless we all say sugary nice things about Marina and her dolls, some jump on the people making the statements for doing so.

    It comes down to Marina is an artist and she will do what she wants and sell the dolls for whatever she can get. That is her prerogative as she does have to make a living and everything does come to an end eventually. She doesn't know how long everyone will be lining up for a doll. As long as she is pleasant, all is good. Also I want to add, I have sent emails a few times to her and either Chad or Marina answered me back fairly quickly. Maybe when she is really busy, the emails get lost. I think we have all had that happen.

    Also a few people years ago wanted a porcelain doll and missed out on the cheaper price. I know I was one of those people as I figure I missed out by just a few months and it was disappointing but life goes on. These things happen. Those dolls are time consuming to make and she couldn't make them fast enough for us all. I am thinking this is happening all over again with the resin now. Hopefully it won't as she doesn't have to make the body pieces herself.
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    Words of wisdom! Thanks Shashy
    No malice on my part, just expressing my thoughts. As you so cleverly say criticism is part of the game...let's just try to keep cool-headed about all that. A forum is meant to exchange ideas, how passionate they might be. And whether wrong or right everyone is entitled to their opinions.

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    Okay, so to re-address the original question: Mimmi, the email address you have is correct... so, if you haven't received a reply, it's probably best just to keep trying. Marina has been travelling recently, so she may not have had a chance to answer you yet. My own suggestion would be that you just keep the email short and straight to the point and put something in the Subject line that will help her distinguish your inquiry.

    I don't feel like anyone is jumping on anyone's opinion here, but as Biscuitbear has already said, this thread has just gone way off track and there are countless threads already present on the forum that discuss the very topic of price and affordability. Forgive me for saying this, but when you've been a member for a handful of years and you've come across discussions where people feel that somehow Marina owes them something... Well, I just can't agree with that. And as has already been pointed out, Marina spends a huuuuge amount of money developing her art. She has experts supporting her with casting bespoke pieces in semi-precious metals and embellished with jewels and stones, she has kilns (plural) that cost money to run and maintain, she has got an assistant and also commissions professional CAD designers to help with 3d printing... The list goes on and on. As someone who has taken up doll-making as a hobby, I can only admire Marina for putting so much into her art. Her perseverance and will are what make her successful and she deserves everything she gets back - every single penny. Quoting prices of other dolls on the market is really neither here, nor there, in my humble opinion.

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