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Thread: Rimini fashion doll exhibition - italy

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    This is a very beautiful photo.........
    The land of Enchanted dolls
    where magic is created
    and dreams come true
    one visit will surly captivate you!

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    I have to say, that if I were able to choose for myself an Asian Enchanted doll, that Emerald would be perfect!

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    These dolls are so beautiful they make my breath catch in my throat! So many thanks for sharing!

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    Oh thank you so much it is so wonderful to meet people who enjoy the same hobby a one self ^^ and the dear EDs are so lovely and all have such a different personalities ^^
    thank you so much for sharing
    Never stop dreaming, if you have a dream you have reason to live for. Don't let them die pursue them achieve them and find another to pursue.

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