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Thread: Secret Santa 2013

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    Talking Secret Santa 2013

    And again it is that time of year, time for a new Secret Santa Swap. Since we've had so much interest announced in last years thread, I shall organize it. I'm copying Mayple's text as she explained it so well:

    "For those who haven't participated in past years, the idea is a bunch of you say "I want to participate, yes, count me in!"
    I then gather the names of the participants, and assign everyone a secret partner. This means you don't PM the person and say I GOT YOU because it ruins the surprise.
    You then send me your postal address in a private message, I then send this in another private message to whoever got you.
    You then send a little gift to your secret santa. Just something small and nice and ED related. It can be something you make if you have time, or something small that you buy that you think will look nice or that your secret santa will like.

    In past years this has been quite fun, participants might post a little post with some hints like: my favourite doll is Cathedral, I like the colours pink and green and love lacey pretty things.
    This gives your secret santa some ideas if they are stuck.

    The most important part is to have fun. It doesn't matter if you can't sew or draw or make minature cakes out of polymer clay, anyone can participate :-)

    So.... let's get this rolling. Participants raise your hands and say I do, I'll give you about a week to do so, then let the secret mischief begin."

    So if you'd like to be in, let me know in this thread and at the same time, PM me your postal address, and to help your Secret Santa, please fill out this little form with some ideas of what you like:

    Favourite doll:
    Other favourites:
    Dream doll:
    Favorite colors:

    Let's go!

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    Annina my hands up!! please count me in,thank you,will pm you now with my address.

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    I'm probably doing something wrong,but I can't access the form for ideas etc

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    Hello Annina,
    I would like to participate too. It was tons of fun last year. I'll PM you my address.

    Favourite doll: Lily, Alice
    Other favourites: Edie, Hathar, Lolita
    Dream doll: Any of them =^.~=
    Likes: Cute things, lace, cats, ferrets, miniature dolly treats
    Favorite colours: pink, purple, red, yellow

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    Cue embarrassed face!! I put on here my likes then - favourite dolls Noir,Emerald,Amalgem
    Dream doll,well all of them really
    Likes,pretty,old fashioned,books,lace,Victorian
    Favourite colours,green,lilac,jewel colours

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    North Carolina, USA
    Hooray! I'm so looking forward to participating this year!

    Favourite doll: Do I have to choose?! But I love Little Red Riding Hood and Ruby...and Daphne!
    Dream doll: I second the "any of them"
    Likes: Doll accessories, pretty lacy things, wee tiny things, pretty print outs of EDs
    Favorite colors: silvery gray, ivory

    *Edited* Flickr album link is http://www.flickr.com/photos/bellenolia/
    Last edited by BelleNolia; November 6th, 2013 at 12:57 AM.

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    Nice! I’m in! I participated last year also and it sure was fun (although I never did receive my package – it must have got lost in the mail ).

    Favourite doll: I have lots of favoriteS, not just one. Impossible for me to answer!
    Other favourites: Here’s a few that I love – Twenty To Midnight, Firebird, Beauty and the Beast, Shape Shifter, Captain Nemo’s Daughter, Albino Snowflake, Edie, Mihret, Cathedral, Salome, Ruby….
    Dream doll: Shape Shifter. Or maybe Albino Snowflake... or maybe Beauty and the Beast. Haha, any Enchanted Doll really!
    Likes: Books, vintage, music, lace, paper dolls, all things art!
    Favorite colors: Purple, reds, creams, teal

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    Sydney, Australia
    Me too!!!

    Fav. Doll: Cathedral's face
    Other favourites: Sapphire, Camellia
    Dream Doll: Beauty and the Beast
    Fav. Costumes: Diving helmet, Beetle Helmet, Bird-skull Mask
    Fav. Colours: peppermint pastel green, pastel pink
    Other likes: lace, flowers, keys

    enchanted doll outfits: www.orchidsdesigns.blogspot.com
    my artworks: www.monikaviktoria.com

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    I'd like to enter but my life has been so busy lately, I fear that it might slip my mind and I'll forget to post my gift >__<
    For more pictures of Gwen, Arya and Moira, click here

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    I want to play
    Fav doll is Lilly
    Other favorite is rubenesque
    Dream doll any
    Likes surprises, drawings, anything really
    Fav colors hot pink, red, black/white

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