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Thread: The christmas picture

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    The mermaid board has fantastic pics, I knew only some.
    The other pics are, well, they are copied from enchanted dolls that is obvious.
    We could easily like it, I don`t know if Marina does.

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    Since no man is an island, people do receive inspiration from each other. I think that the artist Sulamith Wulfing is an inspiration for Marina. Some of Marina's beautiful gowns and beaded head dresses are not just a nod but a tangible love letter to this artist. Marina has a way of taking a grain of inspiration and creating something so completely lovely for her dolls. I wouldn't want to speculate if Marina minds or not, but I would like to think she feels proud to be a inspiration to other creative people.

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    om my goodness such awesome art thank you much i love the white hair mermaid on the stone and the red hair girl as well so radiand ^^
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