How do I order a custom Enchanted Doll?

For porcelain dolls, there used to be the possibility to order a custom nude by filling in an order form provided on Marina's website. This put you on a waiting list but it did not guarantee that you would be able to get a doll. This form is no longer available on the website. It was taken down in November 2010. As far as we know, the porcelain waiting list has been discontinued.

On very rare occasions, she has taken custom orders from those who inquired about it. However, be prepared to pay at least 10,000 USD for a custom order.
You can always send an email to with 'Doll order' in the subject line but again, there is no guarantee that this will get you a doll. It depends on Marina's availability.

For resin dolls, you could sign up for the waiting list from the 2nd of February 2010 'til the end of May 2014. The resin line suffered some delays due to factors beyond Marina's control.
She started taking orders for them in March 2013. The price for a blank doll with tn box, wig and eyes was 1.450,00 CAD and the price for a doll with faceup, body blushing, tin box, wig and eyes was 2.150,00 CAD. Orders were limited to 2 dolls per person.

She closed the waiting list at the end of May 2014 to finish the existing list. In Oct 2015, Marina contacted those on the resin list with the following message, informing people that she had a batch of 100 blank dolls available. People could buy a blank, wigless doll with tin box and eyes for 2.900,00 USD. Orders were limited to 1 doll per person.
In the same message, Marina also mentioned that the resin line would be suspended indefinitely and most likely retired for good after this batch of 100 dolls.

How can I get an Enchanted Doll?

There are several ways of getting an Enchanted Doll:
- Costumed or nude dolls bought directly from Marina. Available dolls will usually be posted on Marina's blog.
- Ebay auctions (about once a year) held by Marina
- Annual Enchanted Doll Birthday Contest
- Doll owners selling their Enchanted Dolls on Ebay, this forum, etc.

Tell me more about the Enchanted Doll Ebay auctions

Marina always announces upcoming Ebay auctions on her blog. These auctions tend to run for 7 days.
The following dolls have been sold on Ebay :

- Lolita (September 2009) - sold for 6.900 USD
- Lily (December 2009) - sold for 40.000 USD.
- Ruby (November 2010) - sold for 13.500 USD.
- Twenty to Midnight (September 2011) - sold for 10.100 USD
- Salome, Rubenseque body (August 2012) - sold for 26.700,50 USD
- Daphne (December 2013) - sold for 60.100 CAD
- Cinderella (January 2015) - sold for 76.500 USD
- Madame De Pompadour (December 2016) - sold for 80.100 USD

How do I purchase a costumed doll?

If not sold at a show, you can email Marina about purchasing one.

Marina also sells some of her dolls through galleries like Strychnin Gallery or ShowStudio Shop. Any dolls for sale at art shows are often announced on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. So it's best to check it regularly.

What is the annual Enchanted Doll birthday contest?

In 2009, Marina first held an contest in honour of her birthday. She would give away one nude porcelain doll (Miina) to one forum member. All you had to do was be a forum member before a certain date. It was a random draw and on her birthday (16th of March), Marina announced the winner : forum member Tealmermaid.

Each time Marina has held the birthday contest, she has changed the rules to fit a certain theme.

In 2010, all participants had to send Marina a birthday present inspired by Enchanted Dolls. The winner was forum member Grevling, who won a nude Pearl.

In 2011, you had to pitch an idea for a Enchanted doll. People were allowed to enter up to 3 entries. The winner was forum member aneemal, who won a nude Lily.

In 2013, you had to send Marina a post card of your choosing. It could be store-bought or hand made. The winner was forum member JugendMoth, who won a costumed and painted resin doll (European sculpt with Echo outfit).

In 2015, Marina asked people to design a tattoo for an Enchanted Doll. People were only allowed to enter 1 entry. The winner was forum member Ktewinc, who won a painted resin doll (Asian sculpt).

In the years 2012 and 2014, the annual birthday was not held.

How long is the waiting list for the resin dolls?

Nobody can give an accurate estimate at this time but it's safe to say that it's a couple of years.

How many porcelain dolls does Marina make a year?

In June 2014, Marina stated that she makes about 6 dolls a year.

Designing, planning and creating a doll takes several months. The Daphne doll sold on Ebay took her 4 months to complete. The big Enchanted Doll 'Gloriana' took her over 6 months to complete. The big breast for the Rubenseque doll took her 4 weeks to create.

Aside from working on dolls, Marina is also busy with making ED accessories/jewelry, working on other projects like the Enchanted Doll book, etc.

Why doesn't Marina make more dolls by outsourcing?

Marina has always stated in interviews, on the forum and on her blog that she wants her art to be exclusive and that she has no desire to mass produce her work. Her goal is to strive for artistic perfection and mastery in her art.

I emailed Marina but I didn't get a response. What now?

If at first you don't succeed, try again. Marina and Chad get hundreds of emails every day. They're not always able to respond to every email.

If you wish to place an order, it's advised to put something like 'Want to buy ED shoes' in the subject title.

How many Enchanted Dolls are out there?

That's a very hard question to answer. Not everyone who owns an Enchanted Doll will post pictures of it online or becomes a member on this forum. You can see plenty of photos on this forum.
There are also Flickr groups for solely for the resin dolls and for all Enchanted dolls.

I saw a doll that looked exactly like an Enchanted Doll, what should I do?

On the 30th of June 2014, Marina stated her opinion regarding recasts of her work. Whilst she was very hurt and upset by this, she can only take legal action if these recasts are being sold. Marina strongly urged everyone to stay vigilant and if anyone sees recasts of her work being sold online, that they report this to Marina as soon as possible. It's highly recommend to take screenshots of these transactions to avoid people from being able to cover their tracks.

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