We feel that we must make it clear that we do not condone recasting and we will not tolerate the promotion or discussion of recast dolls (Enchanted Doll, or otherwise) through activity on this forum. Members that:
- Share photos or
- Prove through discussion that they own illegal copies of Enchanted Doll
- Use the forum to communicate about recast dolls
- Share information on how to acquire recast dolls
will forfeit their membership to the forum and will be banned at the discretion of the forum Admins.

We appeal to forum members to remain loyal to Enchanted Doll and be informed of the law regarding copyright infringement. As fans of Enchanted Doll, we need to avoid unauthorised copies of Marina's work. Regardless of how strong the desire to own an ED, please do not be fooled into thinking that it is okay to own an illegally recast doll. Please do not support recasts and recasters and the damage they do to the artists and the hobby.