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Thread: Secret Santa 2014

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    The face up was done by my friend Paul Pham. He also made some painted eyes for her- which I just love the wig, is the one she came with from Marina.

    Thanks so much for the gifts, they were a lot of work- beaded cloak, handknit sweated and then all the drawn boxes- love the shoe- cause I love shoes! Also little books- just the right size and a box of bonbons. Need bonbons to make reading complete

    Was very fun to get.

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    I'm glad you liked your gifts, Fitz. It was the first time I got to make something for secret santa where my recipient actually had an ED. She deserves to be spoiled. She is a lovely girl.

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    How lovely- so much went into these tiny outfits! I love the details- handmade boxes, books and bonbons! What a labour of love Issilyn! Fitz, your RED is beautiful- Paul Pham did an amazing job on her face-up! So delicate.. Sigh- one day my name may be next on the waiting list lol!

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