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Thread: WTB porcelain ed lily,echo,for $30,000 or more

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    WTB porcelain ed for $30,000 or more

    I have been saving money. And now I am finally prepared to post this thread.
    I am looking mainly for lily,Lolita,costumed Echo, and costumed cixi.
    I am also quiet interested in the rubenesque ones, Aphrodite and princess swan.
    I will offer a high price for them since I do consider that as time goes their value increases. For the costumed ones I would go for higher prices up to $50,000 or more depend on how complicating the costume is.
    So please do contact me if you have the thought of parting with your beloved dolls. Thank you so much.
    My email is amberxyh@gmail.com
    You can also leave me a message in the forum.
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