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Thread: Faceup progress on European sculpt

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    Dec 2015
    You really did an amazing job

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    Jan 2015
    Wow!! She looks very beautiful!! You did an
    amazing job!! X

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    Oct 2015
    Devon, UK
    Super work, beautifully defined yet delicate brows. Amazing!

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    Wow Aneemal she is just beautiful. So delicate and stunning. Thank you so much for sharing the whole process, it's very inspiring.

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    Amoreen, thank you so much! It makes me happy to know you like it
    Eiko, all I can say is "knock me down with a feather"! I am so surprised and immensely encouraged by your generous comments
    Bibarina, I do hope she can wear different colours well - I think her owner has a darker colour in mind for her! Oh and yes, definitely she will be missed, but I hope not for too long as I desperately await my own newcomer!! >_<
    BellaBronte, I just can't wait now to return her to you!!! You've been so super and supportive and this has been fun for me! ^_^ I am the lucky one!
    Suok2011, thank you! That means a lot, as I admire the work you did on your girls too!
    Takuya, thank you so much for the kind words! My hands were shaking a little, I must admit!
    merrijane, hehe! I will gladly accept any Enchanted Doll at my door! Maybe I should install a cat-flap! >O< The manicure was not easy - there was a lot of squinting and hesitating!! Before Monika travelled back to Aus, she very generously bestowed me with a great number of wonderful things including a magnifying glass which I am definitely going to put to use after this!
    annina, the beautiful Elise is welcome any time!!!!!!!!!!! And I do hope that it will only ever be her nails that need redoing, because her face is absolutely one of my very favouritest!!
    allurose, thank you sooo much! I am floored by such kind comments
    Sabrina, thank you! I am so happy you like it!
    Aeroksana, thank you truly! I feel Marina should take the credit! I just added some colour to what was already a beautiful face
    Shashy, thank you so much! I feel so happy to receive such positive comments! Oh yes, my eyesight may have suffered, hehe!... Actually, I have gotten used to working on slightly smaller faces, so the size here was actually a bit of a relief, if you can believe it! But yes, I do not look forward to struggling with the eyes. >_<
    Galactica, thank you, I am so glad you like it!
    lynne, thank you so much, that is very kind of you!
    Leadinglady, thank you! - I am so pleased that the eyebrows came out well! It definitely helps to keep practicing and keep observing the way other dolls are painted too.
    PaigeViolet, thank you for the kind words! I really appreciate it

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    She's so beautiful! I wish I can get my hands on just one of resin enchanted doll!! Dreams!!!

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