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Thread: Faceup Artists

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    Faceup Artists

    With the new blank resin Enchanted Dolls being spread around the world, there is a growing need of faceup artists.

    Are you a faceup artist looking for more work? Post in this thread with a link to your site or examples of your work.

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    I would love to paint more Enchanted Dolls! Examples of my faceups can be found in this album on my Flickr.
    I am based in the UK and would be happy to accept dolls from anywhere within the EU (for reasons to do with customs charges).

    What I can offer
    • Faceups to your specification, within my capabilities
    • Body blushing, including manicure and pedicure
    • Eye and eyelash insertion
    • Faceup and paintwork removal

    About my work
    • Faceups sealed with either Mr Super Clear UV Cut Matt, or Vallejo (non-toxic) Acylic Matt Spray
    • Materials used include watercolour Pencils, acrylic paints, chalk pastels and gloss medium

    About me
    • I live in a non-smoking household
    • I live in a household with no pets
    • I have good feedback on eBay, Etsy and DoA

    Facebook ~ Flickr ~ DeviantArt

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    Orchid Makeover for Enchanted Doll

    I have a strong romantic essence to my face-up style, and have worked on BJD such as Popovy and Enchanted Dolls, as well as Blythe, Makies, BJTales, and other BJD artist dolls.

    Orchid Makeovers are recognisable by their pink and pastel colouring, with layered blushing and strong rosy tints. I also work on signature full-body "tattooing" on the dolls, often of floral motifs (as my signature "painted garden Blythe's) or illustrated stories (like my porcelain ED repaint as a sailor map)
    I can offer a "full makeover" that includes as well as the face-up and body-blushing, a new wig, costume, tights, manicure and pedicures.

    I use professional grade artist materials (pastels, acrylics, watercolours, gloss) and always seal with MSC, UV CUTT Matt. None of my materials contain harmful oils that are bad for resin.

    Here is a link to my flickr album of face-ups I have done on all types of dolls:

    Orchid Makeovers

    A few examples....

    (full-body tattoo-style painting by me - face is permanent porcelain painting by Marina, not me)

    enchanted doll outfits: www.orchidsdesigns.blogspot.com
    my artworks: www.monikaviktoria.com

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