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Thread: Hi from France

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    Apr 2013
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Hi! Welcome! Looking forward to your photos of your finished RED!

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    Sep 2013
    Palermo - Italia
    Hi Ezechiel,
    Welcome !! in a few months there will be many new beautiful RED in the forum, each one with her identity and personality ,each one will look like her owner a little bit
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    Nov 2012
    Thank you to all for your warm welcome, and all your kind messages , you're so nice

    I took a picture of my beauty (she have a faceup now) yesterday, I'll open a thread in the gallery section ^^

    Grevling : I'm still searching for her name, I hope I'll find it soon (I love russian names but as she have the asian face, i don't know if I'll choose this or an asiatic name instead ^^" )

    Sabrina : It's my friend (and boss XD) Lillycat who do her faceup. I love her faceup work a lot

    aneemal : I'm lucky, because Lillycat accepted to do her faceup (she usely don't take commission, but as we are friends and work together, she do me this favor.
    About Cerisedolls makeup, Lillycat do the "sample makeup" for each preorder we propose, then we send the sample head makeuped to our manufacturer, and they reproduce it on each doll (ordered with a faceup ) of the preorder

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