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Thread: Project Journal | 3d Model Shoes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aneemal View Post
    Dear Oksana, I'm so sorry! How frustrating!
    I'm temporarily stuck at the moment, because my laptop screen is broken and rather than pay (again) to fix it, I need to buy a new one.
    Until then, I can't access all my files...
    However, perhaps I can order on your behalf and then ship to you privately? I was thinking of ordering some more too, because I like the different colours

    Also, I saw merrijane posted some gorgeous closeup photos of her white shoes here: https://flic.kr/p/GGjLyW Now I want white too
    Ohh, unforeseen expenses is always so unpleasant (( I am sorry to hear, you not able to access your files, I think it is so bad to an Artist to be disabled and have no opportunity to create! I believe that you are truly The Artist of 3D, dear Amal, and I just looove your creations!

    As for your very kind and generous offer to send me a 2 pairs of white shoes in private - I would be happy if this would have happened!

    But I'm afraid in the first place, it is too much trouble for you, Amal, and the second - how much will it cost this double postage, first to your address, then to mine? Although I'm sure that the shoes are worth the costs .. So I do not even know what to do ...
    Perhaps after your computer will be cured, we return to the idea of 3D Printing service here in Russia? I am curious, how many orders of your lovely shoes on Shapeways was from Russia? Does it makes sense?

    In any case, thank you Amal for your good heart and a desire to help! ♥

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    Well, I would have to pay postage anyway, if I order, so if we combine our order, you'll only pay the postage from me to you - and it will be cheaper than the DHL cost, I am sure

    I will send you a pm now, to discuss

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