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Hello Grevling and Enchanted Doll Enthusiasts!

This is my first post on this Forum, I joined here in the end of 2015 as a "Issadora".
I'm sorry for late reply, I discovered the topic yesterday evening and I was a little shocked reading this public discussion about me without me.. it looks like criminal investigation but in fact what an unhappy debut I have here now It's not so fair to solve the problem in this way I think.. But my fault, I had a short break in hobby, I didn't check my flickr in time and I didn't know -_-
Let me introduce myself and my activities in dolls-community now: "Issadora" this is my nickname inspired by my double REAL name Izabela Dorota (Isabelle Dorothy) and I use this form from July 2010, when I jointed to the international dolls-forum "Den of Angels" https://denofangels.com/members/issadora.51415/
I started to sew for bjd for the first customers on DoA, they recognised me by my nickname so I started to sign my photos "Issadora's Pleasures and Treasures BJD", on my flickr I created separate album for my handmade works titled ~~Issadora Atelier~~ which means my name + workshop/studio/atelier. Nobody ever wrote to me because of my nick/sign/watermark and I don't feel like your "shadow" or "copy".. As somebody noticed I had many vocabulary-changes - the reason: the dolls and my creativity for dolls are my hobby from 2010 not serious business. I don't sell via eBay, Etsy or another e-store. I don't do malicious "promotion" - when I started my adventure with bjd/abjd I didn't know you. I love various bjd in various scale and I love to do things for them: clothes, shoes, wigs.. I don't copy you or somebody else, even if I use that signs "~~" I often use also "**" or "^^"
But of course, I understand your point of view and my situation now.. I'll change my "name", I have no choice. But I need some time to create something "mine" to replace my current alter ego..
Hmm, I think that's all what I could explain in this theme..
I hope you understand me too ^^
Thank you!
Oh poor thing! I apologize for anything that I might have wrote that would have made you feel criminally investigated or unhappy! I think we all see that the name coincidence was very clearly just that- a coincidence!

I know that reading something that has been written in an email or a forum, can easily be interpreted as sounding cruel or harsh- especially when you are translating a different language-

I hope that you don't hold it against us and it already sounds like you are working out the issue you and Grevling seem to have, I hope to the mutual agreement of both of you!

I can see why either of you wouldn't want to change your name- it is such a lovely one!

In terms of the request for suggestions, I think there are really only two options right? One of you changes your "handle" name, or you could also just keep using the names, realizing that it might cause a little confusion over who you are. I think that only you two can probably figure out what you want to do though.