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Thread: Painted Eyes

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    Painted Eyes

    Quote Originally Posted by aneemal View Post
    Well done, Mekare! I like that painted eyes can be appreciated for their looking painterly - i.e. they look beautiful without having to be ultra realistic (which is super difficult on this tiny scale). Some of Marina's dolls have eyes that are quite stylistically Anime, which I think gives them lots of life (lots of light and reflections). Some artists over-work their eyes when trying to achieve realism and I think it kills the dolls expression sometimes.

    I am still working on eyes for my doll... will share progress too, when I start
    I just wanted to say how much I agree with you! And I think the most important thing is it brings the eye color forward to the surface, where the light can reach it. While in glass eyes the color is in the middle of the sphere, which is almost always in shadow.
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    You are doing a great job on the eyes!

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    Hi Mekare, your doll's eyes are fab. I don't think anyone can really appreciate how tiny they are in person. You're right it makes all the difference.

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    Painted Eyes

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments! I have been busy these couple of weeks, but finally I can get to more painting!

    Also, I decided to try out some soft glass eyes on my doll, and I think they look kinda cute. Maybe a bit too big? But I also got a smaller version to try too.

    I feel like I would not want to have permanent painted eyes. I want to change them if I want to.

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