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Thread: WTB RED - feeler

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    WTB RED - feeler

    Hi there,

    After a lot of financial struggling, I have a little money in my pocket and am wondering if there's some astronomical chance that I might be able to purchase a RED.

    I could probably afford up to $2,000 (I can't believe I'm typing this) for her, but since I never even believed I'd be able to afford one, I'm not even sure if this price is realistic. I'd hope for a doll painted by Marina, with a wig, but even a blank one would do.

    I don't think the waiting list will ever come back to live, so I figure this is my only shot.

    Please post or email or PM if interested. Thank you.

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    Discussion around the price etc. has been moved to the Resin Waiting Room thread: http://www.enchantedforum.net/showth...-Waiting-Room/
    Thank you!

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