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Thread: Marina on TV

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    Quote Originally Posted by arcane_love View Post
    I know exactly what you mean. Remember the stop-motion movies of Marina's dolls for uh, I think it was Vogue and Lux? Those are just MIND-BLOWING. I wish I had the patience to put such a thing together.
    Here is the link in case you haven't seen it, or wish to see it again: http://www.clmfilm.com/artist/lacey/lux-voguenippon

    There's another one where the dolls are bathing with fancy soaps and bath products. In my opinion it's even better than this one (but I forget where it is )
    I love those! Marina has some others in the animation section that are worth checking out (I would have linked to them but her site seems to be down right now)

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    I looked on http://www.enchanteddoll.com/videos/ but didn't see it there.

    Not surprised that the part of the site you mention seems to be down - Sometimes when I am browsing the site I get directed to a portion with a completely different design! But I'd rather Marina spend her time doing what she loves than tedious website updates

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