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Thread: Making Marina's Doll Stand

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    If someone made a nice looking stand thwt works, I would buy one. Right now they have to sit on some nice antique wicker chairs I have but standing would be nice. We have so many good artists here I am sure someone could come up with something. I tried a Barbie stand and if it went taller it would work. Popovy stands are nice but those dolls are too tall. I would like something like that. I have the spider stand for my popovy doll and it works but I want it for my Popovy and it is too expensive to get another. I can't even believe I bought one. I love all the Popovy accessories. I wish they'd fit my ED.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jilljackson View Post
    Thank you, allurose. and Mekare for the links & pix.
    If I'm looking at the Paperwhite stands correctly, they don't bend like Marina's do. On the other hand, Marina's stands that copper wire looks as though it might scratch the dolls especially the REDS, and puncture delicate clothing.
    I like the basic concept of these stands, but wonder if Marina's would give better posing ability, but maybe could be dipped in a rubbery substance to avoid scratching with the copper. Some other doll stands for nicer dolls are coated to prevent scratching.
    Here is something that would work. I use it to protect the handles of my wrenches, screwdrivers and other hand tools. It is found everywhere. A cheaper version is available at Harbor Freight in the US. I would suggest using the lighter color or the clear.


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    I wonder if there are other resin BJD companies/artists who make dolls a similar height to ED's - that their stands would work height wise? The Popovy girls are much too tall for their stands to work.

    I would not recommend Marina's porcelain stands for the resin girls without some alteration like what Syaron mentions. The wire, even with glue/silicone-based adhesive coating it scratches along the sides of the porcelain girls. We can wipe the black marks left off with a cloth, but this would be disastrous for a resin. In the UK we had an amazing product called Sugru that would have been perfect!! (I made some stands for Blythe-height dolls with it and it worked great!) It starts off like a puddy that you can shape, them dries flexible. It was marketed for people needing to fix flexible things like extension or phone cables.
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    I use Sugru too, terrific product.
    For coating wire another idea is liquid rubber, usually you can buy small tins at regular automotive parts retailers. When dry it is a thick rubbery plastic coating around the wire and comes in all colors, plus its great for non-slip. In Australia its called Plasti-dip.

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    I intend making a stand for my resin ed doll. When I have the design sorted, which will incorporate,

    (a) flexibility at the top of the stand
    (b) the addition of sugru (so as not to mark the resin)

    I will pop it on this thread. I can weld and luckily have access to husband with an engineering workshop where he can get things powder coated.
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