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Thread: Porcelain ED Price History

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    I feel pleased, excited and in awe of an artist that I am a fan of, having such a palpable success. Of getting the price you want for your art. That is just brilliant. I love what Marina does, her dolls, the concepts, her research, her jewellery, her books, (of which I have ordered an up to date version from amazon as my original is an older copy). One advantage of having stayed away so very long from the forum is all the magical catch-up I have been at. The wonderful dolls Marina has made in the interim. I want to believe that one day I will own a porcelain enchanted doll. I don't know what life will bring and I know it's positive and powerful to have dreams and wants. Once upon a time I threw all my dreams away, but I think now, feck it. You only live the once. I am a realist in so many other ways, I will live a little and believe that one day I will own a porcelain enchanted doll.
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    Its my dream to be this successful! Imagine being able to sell 1 piece of artwork a year (such as 2015, 2016 dolls here) and being able to live comfortably without NEEDING to produce and sell more.

    I don't claim to know Marina's financials, but if this was my sales history, I would be very pleased!

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    Thanks for making the price history! I'm going to print a copy for the inside cover of my latest ED book for reference. I watched a few of these sales, but didn't take any notes, oops I'm Glad somebody else was paying attention

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    Porcelain ED Price History

    Ah, I remember when the Virgin was available and how much I wanted her but how extravagant the price seemed!!

    But of course I am so happy for Marina, and there are lots of other artists with quality dolls I can afford. Plus we have our resins!!!

    I second a show on the West Coast. San Francisco please!!!
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    Wow!! Stages of grief 5,300eur I wish I had known sooner x

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