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Thread: Porcelain Enchanted Dolls 2004- 2016

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    Porcelain Enchanted Dolls 2004- 2016

    Porcelain Enchanted Doll list: 2004 to December 2016
    I was really inspired by Aneemal’s research of the Porcelain ED Price History, and I got to wondering just how many Porcelain Enchanted dolls have been made, so I decided to do a bit of research of my own.
    These are the dolls that I have seen on Marina’s blog, in the Enchanted Doll book, her website, the Internet, or the Enchanted doll forum. Obviously, if a doll was made and her photos have never been posted publicly online, then she won’t be on the list. And I am putting the date as when the doll was publicly revealed. But of course she could have been cast years earlier.
    One particular issue I have had is perhaps counting a doll twice. For example: the doll Brigantia, is posted on Marina’s website and then a few months later a forum member unveils a Brigantia. Is that the same doll? Or a different one with the first Brigantia kept back as a ‘control’? In the absence of specific information, I have decided to count them as two separate dolls. This is not a perfect solution, but the best one I could come up with!
    And lastly, I have put an * after dolls that I surmise are still in Marina’s private collection. This information is primarily based on her March 23rd, 2016 blog post titled ‘ The Chosen Ones’ with a couple of additions from what I can glimpse in the background from her doll-making videos and the CBC News Arts segment on her.
    Please do not hesitate to let me know if I have made any mistakes, omissions or misidentifications.
    2004 -2006
    Snow Queen *
    Pond Siren
    Morgan female/ ghost in the shell tribute? http://www.enchanteddoll.com/enchant...he-book-cover/
    Morgan male
    Imperial Concubine
    Princess Swan*
    Lotus- Bound to be Beautiful
    Snow White/ Necrophila *
    Agnetha – The Other Woman
    Butterfly (Edie)
    Makhdot – Daughter of the Moon
    Untitled doll/ New Face mockup (May 3rd, 2008, blog)
    Mermaid Song *
    Dunyazade #1
    Echo – The Emperor’s Youngest Daughter *
    Alice in Wonderland
    The Vessal
    Elena the Beautiful
    Bride of Frankenstein
    Snegurochka (new doll with Snow Queen’s outfit)
    Emerald special edition (Seahorse tattoo between her shoulder blades)
    Artificial Intelligence/ Edie *
    Kia – The Water Nymph
    May: Hathar/ Chandrakala (ED forum)
    May: Pearl/ Nayana (ED forum)
    June: Brigantia/ Devon (ED forum)
    June: Ruby #3 / Bamboo
    June: Pearl/ Alma
    June: Edie
    June: Ruby/ Giselle (ED forum)
    September: Bianca/ Amalthea (ED forum)
    November: Luca/Damien (ED forum)
    November: Pearl/ Bitten Pearl with wounds (ED forum)
    November: Io (ED forum)
    November: Primavera/ Agamora (ED forum)
    December: Pearl (ED forum)
    December: Sapphire with blonde coloring December: (ED forum)
    December: Chimera (ED forum)

    Cinderella #1
    The Shape Shifter
    Lolita for Ebay Auction
    Golden Lily
    Noir with a dragonfly tattoo
    Lily with silver collar (September 6th Blog)
    Cinderella look-a-like (September 9th Blog)
    Lily The Little Aristocrat for Ebay Auction (December 27th Blog)
    February: Gwendolyn (ED forum)
    April: Banshee/ Ophelia
    April: Penelope/ Dorothea (ED forum)
    May: Banshee/ Blythe (ED forum)
    May: Penelope/Winifred (ED forum)
    June: Cinderella-Noir combo/ Selena (ED forum)
    July: Edie with green eyes and a birdcage tattoo/ Frei (ED forum)
    July: Hathar with blonde coloring (ED forum)
    July: Gwendolyn/ Anastasia (ED forum)
    July: Bianca #1/ Iounn (ED forum)
    July: Gwendolyn/Yren (ED forum)
    August: Miina/ Ruby sculpt?
    August: Gwendolyn/ Yren (ED forum)
    August: Emerald sculpt?/ Emmanuelle
    August: Ebony Lucius/ Laird (ED forum)
    August: Io (Butterfly)/ Firenze (ED forum)
    September: European sculpt/ Fern
    September: Sapphire/ Midori (ED forum)
    November: Camelia customized/ Agatha (ED forum)
    From the blog on January 3rd—photo of three nudes: Center, it looks like a Lily wearing Anna’s leg. To the left, Penelope?? And to the right, Emerald??
    From the blog on January 12th—photo of five nudes: Hathar, ?? , Sapphire maybe, and the others are too blurry to properly identify.
    Dragonspace nude, customized Sapphire
    Dragonspace nude redhead
    Dragonspace nude whitehaired
    From the blog on February 2nd: Kay, resin doll with painted eyes
    From the blog on March 5th --Sapphire wearing an elaborate gold mask
    Captain Nemo’s Daughter
    The Virgin
    Anna Karenina Survives the Train
    The Silk Road
    The Bloody Lady Elizabeth Bathory
    Olga Larina
    Stages of Grief
    Albino Snowflake
    Stockholm Syndrome/Beauty
    Ruby for Ebay Auction
    Primavera* (Blog post Nov 7th)
    Captain Nemo’s Daughter *(Blog post Nov 7th)
    From the blog on October 3rd: Cassiopeia-- resin doll with painted eyes
    From the blog on October 3rd: Andromeda-- resin doll with painted eyes
    From the blog on October 3rd Vega-- resin doll with painted eyes
    January: Edie—Artificial Intelligence/ Arya (ED forum)
    January: Farah with gold applique (ED forum)
    March: Sapphire/ Kiyomi (ED forum)
    July: Pearl/ Aaricia (ED forum)
    June: Edie painted like Cinderella/ Esmerelda (ED forum)
    September: Pearl/ Isadora (ED forum)
    September: Penelope/ Illyria
    November: Lily/ Lilith (ED forum)
    Twenty to Midnight
    The Wife/ Domestic Abuse*
    The Weight of Light
    Lady Skylar*
    Young Cixi – The Dowager Empress of China
    Step-Mother/ Aisha
    Cinderella #0 *
    Princess and the Pea
    Dunyazade 2 (April 12th, from the Blog)
    Echo # 1 Orchid
    January: European sculpt/ Esme (ED forum)
    June: Hathar (ED forum)
    October: Lily/ Neia Has one gold ring on each hand (ED forum)
    Salome/ Rubenesque Enchanted doll
    Sacrificial/Clytemnestra (this is actually a resin doll, but she is fully costumed, so I’m putting her on the list)
    The Muse of Art Nouveau Rubenesque Enchanted doll
    Echo #2 Willow
    Echo #3 Zhenzhen
    Echo #4 Sayan
    Echo #5 Saffron
    Vogue Magazine Nude: Lolita 2
    Vogue Magazine Nude/ The Little Red Cape*
    Vogue Magazine Nude/ The Princess and the Frog
    Vogue Magazine Nude/ Sleeping Beauty
    Vogue Magazine Nude/ customized Ruby-Sapphire/ Storm
    Vogue Magazine Nude/ Salome - Rubenesque for Ebay
    Dome (September 13th, from the Blog)
    January: Hathar (ED forum)
    Vogue Magazine 2 Nude: Brunette/ Empress Theodora*
    Vogue Magazine 2 Nude: Doll with flowering antlers*
    Vogue Magazine 2 Nude: Redhead with closed eyes
    Vogue Magazine 2 Nude: Doll looking up with an open mouth* I think she is the one that gets the tattoo of a heart on her chest
    Daphne for Ebay
    March: Lily/ Miracle (It looks like she might have the new double jointed hips) (ED forum)
    November: European sculpt/ Dove (ED forum)
    Black Orchid*
    Cinderella #2
    June: European sculpt/ Luna
    Cinderella of the North *
    January: Venetian/ Primavera? (ED forum)
    February: Rubenesque/ Elizabeth (ED forum)
    Madame de Pompadour
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    Amazing job Nenethomas!

    I think it would be amazing do it also with Resin Enchanted dolls painted by Marina. Since they are also very rare and there are only few of them

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    Great idea, Since I already have Clytemnestra/ Sacrificial on the list, I'll go ahead and add the other 4 resins with painted eyes.
    Last edited by nenethomas; January 1st, 2017 at 07:10 PM. Reason: mistake

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    Great list!!! Wow...I never quantified in my mind how many dolls Marina has made! I always think of EDs as rare, but in fact her output as an artist is quite phenomenal considering how labour intensive porcelain is as a medium.

    I think Amalie is the Dragonspace redhead

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    Super list Nene Thomas! It is so pleasing to discover new-to-mine-eyes-enchanted dolls! There are dolls on this list I didn't know existed. Thank you so much, Nene and indeed Amal. There will be luxurious looking around the forum.
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    Gosh Nene, that must have been such a lot of work...thank you for doing it! Certainly there are dolls on the list that I've never heard of. Interesting how the first years were so prolific but sad to see the production dwindling in the last few years to only one doll last year. I really do wonder if Marina is losing interest in dollmaking?

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    I do agree with you that Amalie is the Dragonspace redhead, so I pulled her off the list and added Izel, who I somehow forgot. Thanks.

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    What an awesome sticky! This list gives everything perspective. Marina has worked very hard to build her career and get these dolls the attention they deserve The dolls all have names and lives - that she imagined or researched for them . . . Thanks Nenethomas for all the time you spent pouring through the pictures, putting the names and dates together!

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    That is one amazing list! And just think I am quite sure there are many more we have never even seen!

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    I too am astounded at the quantity of dolls she has made over the years- far more than I had imagined!! I think though that far from losing interest, Marina is concentrating on really developing her ideas in the newer dolls and putting far more intricate detailing in them. For example, she has painted some of her earlier dolls with beautiful henna style designs and tattoos etc, but has developed this much further with Madame P. There seem to be far more layers of detailing not only on the body, but in the incredible wigs and so on... details on this scale are so time consuming, I'm really not surprised that her output of dolls is much lower now. When one doesn't put so much emphasis on the quantity of production, one can really concentrate fully on the quality and development of new ideas. I am guessing that Marina has many different avenues she likes to explore and incorporates these into her doll making. Learning new techniques and experimenting with different ideas is very time consuming.

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