I'm looking to purchase a porcelain ED by Marina.
I prefer open eyes and would love a costumed treasure.

I know Marina's work commands high prices.
I'm ready to purchase in full immediately.

Please message me or email to tanoy6@yahoo.com

I know this is more than a one in a million shot, but I have to try.
I'd like to find the Noire that was created with a dragonfly tattoo.
I'm not sure if she was ever sold. Even if she was sold, her owner may have never been a member here.
If anyone has any information I'd be forever grateful.

Although Noire is a dream for personal reasons of the heart I'm looking for other ED porcelain dolls.
I'd love Firebird, Cinderella, and many more.
I've loved Marina's work for years.
It's easy to obsess!!