This is the first book dedicated only to BJD made by artists.

For the first time, more than 40 artists among the biggest names are gathered in this book : Marina Bychkova (Enchanted Doll); sisters Popovy; Elena Akimova ; Oxana Geets (Bardo Research) ; Olga Good ; Alina Ivanova ; Anna Kucherenko ; Natalia Lituta (Ingenue Dolls) ; Lillycat Cerisedolls ; Natalia Loseva ; Irina Lumiere ; Lutsenko ; Polina Myalovskaya (Vividdolls) ; Rafael Nuri (BiDoll) ; Forgotten Hearts ; Mari Shimizu ; Maryna Skubenko ; Tatiana Tofaneto (DollEssence) ; Tatyana Trifonova ; Lene Villadsen ; Sabine Vogel ; Dorote Zaukaite and many others.

I named it "The art of BJD - The first guide for collectors" - Publisher Les Presses Littéraires - 318 pages. More than 350 photos and entirely bilingual book, french/english.
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