Yeah, it's sad to see how abandoned the forum is these days. I used to love coming here to chat with other ED fans and admire everything that people would share here : photos of their dolls and all the beautiful creative things people created for or were inspired by EDs. Unfortunately, people no longer do this. I understand that people move on from fandoms/hobbies and that they'd sell their dolls or don't return to the forum.

I must admit that I'm honestly wondering if it'll ever pick up. Traffic on this forum has always depended on Marina's actions. If she posts new stuff, people become a bit more active. When she is quiet, this forum is very, very quiet.

We can't deny that in recent years, Marina hasn't been as active online as she used to.
When I first came here in 2009, Marina was a lot more active. She'd regularly post photos of her new dolls, promote/showcase new items (tins, necklaces, etc), attend shows, have tours showcasing her dolls, hold the ED birthday contest, etc.
That's no longer the case. There are rarely any updates on her blog. From what I can tell, it's incredibly rare to be able to buy an ED directly from Marina herself.
The last time she had a doll for sale at a gallery, was Sleeping Beauty for sale at Strychnin Gallery in July 2013. The last public sale was the Ebay auction of Madame De Pompadour in December 2016.

I think the inactivity along with the fact that the prices of her dolls has reached far beyond the reach of regular people might be the reason why the forum is practically abandoned.