I just caved and bought some new jewelry for my RED.

I've had my eye on this freshwater pearl necklace for a while- and this entire card of brooches is only $10!

Plus I love the seller, she is so fast and friendly- I keep waiting for her prices to hike up but they haven't so far! Here's a link to the necklace I just bought- a little more than her stone necklaces but there are actually a LOT of pearls there!

The necklace is fastened with a magnet- you can use the extra fob on the necklace as another brooch if need be-

I didn't bring it home yet so my girl will have to wait- but there is another doll at the office (who is coincidentally ALSO waiting to give up her frock to my RED) - they have the same approximate sized neck and torso- to give you an idea: