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    So one of my favorite artists i really love is Camilla d'Errico. One of the reasons I discovered Marina was by searching on the internet for more pictures of Camilla's helmet girls- and I stumbled onto AI (who I think is owned by someone here). I couldn't believe how awesome a job Marina did, and later learned she had been inspired by Camilla's work.

    Camilla had told me once (every time I see her or commission her I've bugged her about considering making dolls) that an artist doll maker had once told her that she would create a doll for her- but it turned out to be "not what she thought" I have always wondered if it was Marina she was talking about... maybe Camilla had thought that Marina would create a doll that Camilla could sell? Not sure.

    At any rate, I do love d'Errico and Marina's own helmet, and have always wanted one! But I think I was too slow to ask to be added to the wait list, and I'm not sure that Marina ever made more than a few helmets anyway- so I think my chance is not great.

    So I've been experimenting with some apoxie to try and make my own- it still looks pretty lumpy and not at all the look that I wanted, but practice makes perfect right? I'll have another go sometime soon... and I recently learned how to make convincing looking sewer-pipes out of plastic piping materials, so I'm hoping to integrate that look as well

    Here's my first try- please forgive my beautiful girl for being bald- I need to dig out a smaller wig for her (the one she had on had a big pompador and would not fit under the helmet even though I sculpted it to have room for a wig...)

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