I sold my first RED a few months ago and then regretted it terribly and in a moment of madness sold virtually every doll I had to buy this one but unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I am forced to sell her again. I am not making any profit on this girl at all and I am literally asking what I paid. I cannot afford to go any lower.
Item : Resin Enchanted Doll painted by Marina Bychkova with extras
doll, sculpt : European
Material (e.g. silver, bronze, resin, porcelain) : Resin
Year of manufacturing : First batch of resins in 2012 directly from Marina and Chad.
Price (this can be a minimum that you're willing to accept) : 6200 (plus shipping)
What is included (doll, tin box, wig, etc.): Long black wig by Marina Bychkova default brown eyes, custom dress by Elcatka, bronze shoes by Doll Symphony, Garden of Delights tin box with sponge mattresses APART from the one with the doll cut out.
How to buy : Please e-mail me at BellaBronte1970@yahoo.com for photos or PM.