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Thread: Feeler - Resin Enchanted doll

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    Feeler - Resin Enchanted doll

    I'm wondering whether sb would be interested in my doll. Still she has got face-up made by Marina. Blush, hands and feet paint were removed because of chipping out and new were painted by one of Polish artists. This is a feeler and I would look on the doll to be sure that her face and the rest is okay and so on. It was made probably in 2012/2013. The bin is included. She has got also an original wig. She has got original glass green eyes - included. No shoes.
    Why ? I can't afford to have such expensive thing.
    The price USD 6200 plus shipping so far
    my mail:
    Thank you
    PS I will update this feeler

    2 by Urszula, on Flickr
    8 by Urszula, on Flickr
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