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Thread: Interview with Marina by OhMoreStory

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    I love this drawing to too. She should make another book with just all this drawing/sketches. I would buy it.

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    I agree! I would love to have a book of Marina's illustrations- they are so beautiful and it fascinates me how she translates these drawings/sketches into her dolls. I think they most definitely merit a book in their own right!

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    I wanted to add my praise for the horse and doll sketch. I really like the decorations on the horse's legs, and the trim on edge of the cape in particular. I do wonder if that doll isn't complete or nearly complete. From what I can remember, Marina seems to usually unveil the completed doll/, and THEN show the in progress shots. Which is smart, because she is highly influential (i.e. copied a lot) in the doll world.
    Something else I like about her sketches, (and I am thinking of the Nitocris costume sketches from her book,) is how precisely she designs out all the beads and bead placements. That's really disciplined, and will save a lot of time/second guessing in the actual sewing part.

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    The woman on horseback is a beautiful sketch. I've often wished the resin posters (and other ED photos) could be ordered from Chad and Marina. Maybe someday they will compile a new book or sell posters

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