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Thread: An Enchanted Tale

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    Haha! What a fun photostory! I love your girls!

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    Very cute photo story!

    I recall being told a story similar to that when I joined the Brownies (baby girl scouts) when I was very little. At the end of the story- the children learn that THEY are the brownies and the lesson learned- is that they (YOU) should be a "brownie" to your parents and clean the house all night so when your parents wake up they will be happy... HERE is the story: http://www.readcentral.com/chapters/...ther-Tales/002

    I found the story very disappointing. I LOVED fairy stories when I was a kid and the end to this story was NOT very magical. Nevertheless, my older sister and I (we were 4 and 5.5) made plans to stay up late and clean the house when my parents went to bed- just like the "brownies". I think my mom discovered us out of bed (it probably wasn't that late) and learned what we were doing- and we were told under no uncertain terms we were NOT to be out of bed at night! I felt even more cheated by that dumb story- not only was there no fairy ending but it had gotten us into trouble...

    I like your brownies much better! I wish my RED did the cleaning and baking during the night, but unfortunately she seems to be as inept at going about it as my 4 year old self no doubt was...

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