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Members are expected to behave respectfully towards each other, no flaming, no insults please. The forum is meant to be a fun place for fans of Enchanted Dolls to come and discuss the dolls, and a comfortable and nurturing environment for owners to share their experiences and photos of their dolls. "Moan threads" will not be allowed (for example, comments about how people would rather not even see Enchanted Dolls to try and ease the pain of not having their own). We don't want owners of Enchanted Dolls feeling too intimidated to introduce or post photographs of their doll/s, for fear of being branded as braggers, or being seen as boastful, or "rubbing it in". We look forward to your cooperation in keeping Enchanted a fun place where all can share their love of Enchanted Dolls.

If you find something on Internet which you think infringes on Marina's rights as creator of Enchanted Dolls - please don't post about it on the forum or email the administrators ; please email Marina directly if you think she should know about it.

The moderators reverve the right to remove any post or ban any member when necessary.
  • Gallery : photos posted in the gallery should contain at least one doll by Marina.
  • Market : Please do no spam the forum : do not join for the sole purpose of creating "for sale" posts. Only items relating specifically to Marina's dolls are allowed for sale (for example patterns, wigs, shoes made to fit her dolls). Transactions in the market are made at the buyer's or seller's own risk. The forum owners will assume no responsibility in case of a transaction gone wrong. Moderators will delete "for sale", "want to buy" or "for trade" threads once items have been sold, found or traded.

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