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Thread: Database of porcelain Enchanted Dolls on this forum

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    Amalie by Tilly*Moon, on Flickr

    Given name: AMALIE
    Arrival date: March 3, 2010
    Skin tone: White with blushing
    Country of residence: USA
    Additional notes: Purchased as a nude from The Dragonspace Gallery Show, came with extra-long red mohair wig, and applied jewlery in gold-two rings and one bracelet
    Flikr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/4921593...7628126065663/
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    Talking IO

    Sculpt: IO
    Given name: IO
    Arrival date: 04-05-10
    Neck markings: 2008 MB IO3 nude
    Skin tone: White
    Country of residence: USA
    Additional notes: re-homed to me by her original owner.
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    IMG_1896 by Lilithskyblue, on Flickr

    IMG_1908 by Lilithskyblue, on Flickr
    Sculpt:" "Bride of Frankenstein"" one of a kind.
    Given name: Tessla
    Skin tone: Very blushed
    Country of residence: U.S.A.
    Arrival Date 4/13/2010
    Date of Creation July 2008
    Neck markings:2008 Bride MB
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    IMG_0378mod by ceejay34, on Flickr

    Sculpt:Edie mold to look like Cinderella
    Given name:Esmerelda - Esme for short ( Also in private is called Petronella)
    Arrival date:June 2010
    Neck markings:2009, nude MB
    Skin tone:white with pink blushing
    Country of residence:UK
    Additional notes:relocated to me - from Amy of PA. She has 2 wigs and pierced ears
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    Box Opening of Enchanted Doll Pearl by amarilli, on Flickr

    Sculpt: Pearl
    Given name: Isadora Violetta Vigée-Lebrun
    Arrival date: 27/09/2010
    Neck markings: 2010 Enchanted Doll M.B.
    Skin tone: white w/blushing
    Country of residence: Italy
    Additional notes: 2010 Marina's second Birthday Contest doll
    Website/Blog: Isadora's Blog
    Flickr: Flickr gallery
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    Sculpt: Camelia
    Given name: Tahlia
    Arrival date: 08/2010
    Neck markings:
    Skin tone: white
    Country of residence: USA
    Additional notes: Fragility at Strychnin 2010, nude doll with wig
    Website/Blog: Flickr gallery
    Facebook:add me
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    Sculpt: Penelope
    Given name: ILLYRIA
    Arrival date: 9/27/2010
    Skin tone: White with blushing
    Country of residence: USA
    Additional Notes: came with white silk wig
    Last edited by tillymoon; November 6th, 2010 at 04:26 PM.

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    Sculpt: Penelope
    Given name: Kia
    Arrival date: Nov 2008
    Neck markings: Kia 1 Nude MB
    Skin tone: White
    Country of residence: USA CA
    Additional notes: Custom Henna art
    Website/Blog: http://www.flickr.com/photos/silentfaces

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    Chesapeake Bay

    Sculpt:Butterfly IO
    Given name: GALATEA
    Arrival date: 11/18/10
    Neck markings: (I saw some - need better glasses! will update!)
    Skin tone: silken white
    Country of residence: USA
    Additional notes: Lovingly rehomed from TillyMoon to Tiggy
    Website/Blog: Tiggy's box opening post http://tiggyzcabin.blogspot.com/2010...nted-doll.html
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    Sculpt: Ruby
    Given name: Sophie Margaux
    Arrival date: 12/3/2010
    Neck markings: ...I know she has some...let me check (she is Ruby #3, I remember)
    Skin tone: white with pink blushing
    Country of residence: USA
    Additional notes: Previous owner Dark_Angel. She used to be called Bamboo (and sometimes still is).
    Last edited by Astera; December 16th, 2010 at 09:58 PM.

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