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Thread: *October/November 2009 theme: "costume party"*

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    So Gorgeous. She's channeling Marie Antionette. Did you make the wig? I love the outfit.
    It's not getting what you want, it's wanting what you get.:cool:

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    dollutional - thankyou. Yes I did make the wig, it's the same wild white wig I used for her halloween photo shoot too, just tied up this time.

    kimmi - hi darling *waves back* I'm glad it got to you safe and sound! An ED scrap book sounds great :-D
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    Quote Originally Posted by mayple View Post
    Since we extended "costume" into November (and since USUALLY everyone asks for more owner photographs) here is my entry for november's extended costume theme.

    She's a bit rococco.. definately a lacey lady of leisure... Golden Fern :-)
    She's beautiful in that outfit rococco definitly suits ED's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruth View Post
    So Yren ended up with a Costume Party identity after all! I found a blue dress and white pinafore for her to wear with her new honey blonde wig, and she turned into Alice in Wonderland!

    Too bad her hair looks carrot orange here. It is very very late and the light is very very bad. But anyway, we're glad to have missed the midnight deadline by only 50 minutes.

    Instead of a white rabbit she has Noxy's mouserat, and she's feeding him a carrot that Noxy also made.

    Her dress is so pretty! What is pinafore?

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    Wow I love the costume mayple! She looks gorgeous!

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